HTC One, iPhone 5S & 6 Rumors, LG’s New Line Up – Smartphone World ep28

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More information about the HTC M7 has come out, or should I say the HTC One. Will we see 2 new iPhones this year? LG has 4 new devices planned for the Mobile World Congress.
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39 Comments on HTC One, iPhone 5S & 6 Rumors, LG’s New Line Up – Smartphone World ep28

  1. I am getting the HTC One because of all the new features and beats. The dual speakers are amazing. The display is perfect and I cannot believe how fast it is. I am sure that the GS4 will be fast but I am really enjoying Sense 5.0.

  2. dude got a question 4 you, i am choosing between a htc one, lg optimus g pro and a samsung galaxy s4, if you were in my place which one would you prefer?

  3. What would that do except void the warranty? It still will not be able to give you live widgets, or any of the personal touch that separates it from other iPhone's. Plus you still only have a 3.5 inch or 4 inch display. That is fine for kids but adults like large displays. Just like when you buy a TV. Do you ask for a tiny one?

  4. I'm on a ONE-X at the moment and I was gonna upgrade to the ONE/M7 but , since you mentioned the Legend 5 I'm gonna wait to see if anything come of that. I'm a bit gutted that the ONE/M7 isn't a 5inch. Any news on that (Legend-5) would be appreciated. Keep up the good work

  5. Yes I do not like Apple "Any more". They had a great product in 2008, but it is the same one in 2013. They cannot do anything close to an Android smartphone because of the freedom Google gives developers. There are plenty of smaller display Androids that are better than the iPhone. The iPhone 5 is built tougher with the display only (the new body is super fragile). All other iPhones were rated the most fragile smartphone ever. Thanks ipreston74 🙂

  6. Great video and do you have any info on android 4.2 or 5 keylime pie(if thats even what it will be called) I know its a bit early but i cant seem to find anything on it?

  7. I have been a loyal HTC fan for almost three years with the HD2 and EVO LTE. However, my next smartphone will be either a Galaxy S or Nexus phone. At this point, I have not found any clearer information on the Motorola/Google phone.

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