HTC One Hands on: First Look, Features, Specs & Walkthrough

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The HTC One is the firm’s new attempt at a market-leading handset, and with an all-aluminium body, super-high-res 4.7-inch HD screen and futuristic camera technology, this could be something of a winner.

It’s well-documented that HTC hasn’t had the best of it recently, with the profits slumping and market share down. The firm rode a heady wave just two years ago with the success of the HTC Desire and friends, but it seems since then the trend has been firmly downward.

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29 Comments on HTC One Hands on: First Look, Features, Specs & Walkthrough

  1. Samsung and Apple better beware – the HTC One combines stunning design, a supreme screen and explosive power to offer one of the best smartphones around.
    It's got a full HD screen crammed into 4.7-inches, which brings a 468ppi – well above what's needed for the eye to discern, and it does definitely bring sumptuous sharpness throughout the use of the phone.
    On top of that there's a CPU and RAM combo that is barely bettered, a more-than-enough 32GB of storage and top-end Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G connections, all topped off by a completely re-imagined version of HTC Sense. What's not to like?
    The HTC One has received a software update to improve the battery life of the phone significantly, as well as allaying other concerns related to Zoe creation. With this in mind, we've promoted it to 5 stars and make it our Editor's Choice.

  2. It amazes me listening to people bitch on here. If you don't like the phone, get something else. Simple as that. This phone has fantastic stats, great screen, and excellent design and build quality(from the reports anyway). Not all of us, nor should anyone really, need more than 64g of storage, and removable batteries. What the hell are you people doing with your phones?! So forgive HTC for not making this phone for the 2% of super users. No phone is going please everyone. Get over it.

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