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Full review on the way at: – The HTC One A9 is a new premium device in HTC’s lineup, with a 5” AMOLED display with a native 1920X1080 resolution. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 octal-core processor and our device is the 3GB of RAM with 32GB of Flash storage version, though a 2GB – 16GB storage version is available as well. Storage is also expandable via an SD card slot up to 2TB. We go hands-on in this video preview but stop by soon for the full review with a gaggle of benchmark data.
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14 Comments on HTC One A9 With Android Marshmallow Review | HotHardware

  1. htc one A9 does not look like iphone but the iphone looks like HTC One A9

    straight body of the HTC Desire
    metal body of the HTC One
    HTC is the first bet line on the back of mobile phones

    A9 is so composed of previous models of HTC
    and we can not say that the HTC One A9 copied the iPhone than the iPhone copied the HTC mobile phones

  2. nice review.. I have this device. And I'm actually enjoying it more than any phone I've ever had. And that's coming from an HTC M8, Nexus 5 and 6(Rooted custom 6.0 rom), Note 4, Oneplus, etc.. lol.. It's just an all around great phone. Battery is nice and UI is so smooth. HTC did good with this IMO..

  3. Just a bit of advice to this reviewer. I'm not trying to be nasty, but your voice sounds like a dead monotone zombie, put some color into it, a tiny bit of animation and character into your voice, i don't mean contrived artificial voice-acting, just a bit of personality. I know it's a juggling act, because many idiots today are just over-the-top morons and way too hyped-up, full of shit, very annoying, but you're a bit under-cooked. Yes it's good to be sensible and grounded and all that, but just a little bit more character in your tone of voice would be better.

  4. At 05.55 you mentioned that the 617 processor is a lower power CPU than the 800 series used in the Samsung S6. The S6 uses a in house Samsung Exynos chip which is far more energy efficient with its 14nm technology. Also is the 617 really more efficient than the SD801? From what I've seen, the SD 801 and 805 are more power efficient than the 810.

  5. Is the screen clearly visible in direct sunlight?
    Is the battery life better than the battery on the the Samsung Galaxy S6?
    Does the A9 encounter any hiccups while playing intense video games(e.g. like Asphalt)?
    Does the A9 GUI consistently offer butter smooth performance?
    How does the A9 camera measure up to the Samsung Galaxy S6 camera?
    Is the call quality good?
    Does the A9 have loud clear speakers?
    Does the A9 have a quick camera shooter?

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