HTC One A9 VS OnePlus X – Speed & Camera Comparison!

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Apps, Browsing, Low light Camera performance test between HTC One A9 and OnePlus X!
One A9 is cheaper on Amazon ! US –

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  1. Another great review 'coz these two phones (along with the Xperia M5) are the top phones i'm targeting to replace my WIleyfox Swift. Between the two can you please tell me who is faster in GPS lock? Louder/clearer speakers? And using movie internet who is more faster? The reason i asked this question is i think the A9 has faster LTE chip (with Cat-7 support) but how about the X? Any thoughts please?

  2. the effective screen "real estate" due to the contextual buttons on each phone is vastly different. the X has all the 'buttons' off screen on the bezel but the A9 can't due to the speakers. so keep that in mind.. what's more important? screen space or awesome sound?

  3. Were you using the US version of the HTC with 3GB of ram ? or European version with 2GB of ram ? Cuz I've seen the A9 do quite well and the design is flawless besides the weird position of the charge port but the one plus X is pretty damn nice I like them both alot though I'd prefer the HTC … if anything I'd get the Nexus 6p but no SD card expansion which is the reason why the A9 looks so great !!! And Samsung is too main stream and expensive and LG is awesome though I can't afford the V10 and the Nexus 5x is ugh the thing is about it when you're watching a video in the dark the light bleeds through the damn screen which is shit thoughts a excellent price but shit those Chinese phones are so good looking and have great prices like Elephone is awesome but no 4g or lte support in the states which blows but hey it is what it is

  4. in the UK the one plus x is £218 with delivery and the HTC a9 is £350 ,I'd go with the HTC down to the fingerprint sensor android pay when it finally arrives and warranty purposes, heard one plus are a nightmare ,by the way typing this on a one plus x which is still brilliant

  5. Stuck on an i5c and will to transfer to Android but I am devastated on what to pick. Lenovo Zuk Z1 (64GB with Fingerprint Scanner) vs OnuPlus One (64GB with 4K Video Recording) or the OnePlus X (16GB with MicroSD Slot and Premium Feel) or the HTC A9 (Latest SD617 and a Fingerprint Scanner). Please help me!

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