HTC One A9 VS One M9 – Speed & Camera Test!

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Apps, Browsing, Gaming and Low light Camera comparison between HTC One A9 & M9!

Why don’t you treat yourself to a Gold M9 this holiday? US – ——- UK-

36 Comments on HTC One A9 VS One M9 – Speed & Camera Test!

  1. How come you didn't get the 3g ram version for a9. Obviously the m9 is going to handle multitasking and it's going to faster because of the processor. Speed test wouldn't matter between these two phones. What does matter is everything else, sound, camera, color, etc.

  2. should i buy an iphone 5s or htc one m9/8 ????

    i have still an htc one X. for 4 years now and it stillllll works AMAZING. the only problem i have with this phone is that this phone doesnt have really good wifi Signal, that was a failure at the factory or something. but how is the m9, camera, wifi signal, etc? i appreciate every answer.

  3. M9 to me in most shots looked more like real life, the A9 was increasing exposure, like in Manual Mode. And the LIGHT in the bedroom scene was more white on the M9 where the A9 made it look all yellow.

  4. I found the guy who's stealing your videos! His name is Technic Review, and your not the first person he stole videos from. Please watermark your videos, and not just a watermark from YouTube. Like actually on the video with Movie Maker or something.

  5. is that a UK version of A9 with 2GB ram? I'm asking because I'm using US version with 3GB RAM, and I have loads of apps installed. I did the similar test you did for 15 apps and the multi tasking was way too different. Apps load very fast and I don't see that fraction second lag. I had modern combat game open for this test and it came to resume mode in multitasking. even the YouTube app

  6. thanks for still making videos with m9, it looks like all other tech websites and youtube channels are already done with this beautiful machine, I own it since september, we had ups and downs but at the end of the day I am a happy man with my m9, cheers

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