HTC One A9 vs Nexus 5X – Speed & Camera Test (4K)

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HTC One A9 vs Nexus 5X . A full side by side speed and camera test between Google Nexus 5X vs HTC One A9 side by side. Hey Guys I’m back with another video for all tech fans out there. I make daily tech videos to provide you as much tech content as possible.

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10 Comments on HTC One A9 vs Nexus 5X – Speed & Camera Test (4K)

  1. Just a minor critique…when your comparing photos its better to take them off the phones, and on to a computer. When your comparing the photos on the devices themselves your more so comparing how the screens display looks as opposed to picture quality…otherwise good review

  2. lol.. a super biased comparison. Geekbench scores will be changed depending on how many apps installed and nature of apps running in the backgrounds too.. In multiple tests I got different results and multicore results were from 3200 to 3800.
    Speaking about the camera – I can easily see all the photos were taken with wrong focus intentionally and in any phone camera you can screw the photos. I have been using the phone for a while and photos are really amazing and I always take photos in the auto mode.. Photos are even far better than my iPhone 6 too..anyway, its easy to take ugliest photos on Nexus 5x too lol. #biased

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