HTC One A9 VS M9 VS M8 VS M7 – Which is Fastest?

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Speed test comparison of HTC Family, from M7 to A9!

Did you know the Gold M9 is cheaper than the A9 ? – US

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  2. The htc one m9 looks just like an m8 wich means that its pretty and it runs much smoother and has a much more powerfull processor and a better screen and better speakers so no! The m8 is not better! Previous m7 and m8 owner and now i have the m9! And it is faultless! And the camera? Well im just going to shut the f*** up now

  3. I have purchased all of the HTC phones and I agree. the HTC m8 is the best. I really don't like the m9 due to the fact that's the sound is not that loud nor is the flashlight.

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