HTC One A9 VS iPhone 6S – Speed & Camera Comparison!

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Speed and Camera performance comparison of New HTC One A9 and iPhone 6S!
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  1. Fair comparison. Do try either turning up the brightness, or turning the power saving mode off on the HTC, to brighten the screen. iPhone and HTC both optimize their phones well and are both dependable reliable phones. Alot of phones today may have good specs but they also feature slot of power hungry features and loads of bloatware which cost you in performance and battery life. people get so caught up in the ram, and battery size when it's more about the consumption not the capacity of the factors. Both iPhone and HTC have taken design points from each other, due to their agreement to not sue one another. Do remember the HTC is only a mid range device and costs 2-300$ less than the iPhone 6-6s. Once the HTC One m10 comes out you will have a more fair and equal comparison.

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