HTC One A9 vs iPhone 6S Quick Comparison

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HTC One A9 vs iPhone 6S Quick Comparison

HTC One A9 vs iPhone 6S | Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but does the HTC One A9 do more than just imitate? HTC has officially added the One A9 to its smartphone line up. The device offers a very premium looking build, which is similar to the iPhone 6. Lets have a comparison with iPhone 6s and HTC One A9…

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  1. htc one A9 does not look like iphone but the iphone looks like HTC One A9
    htc one a9 have:
    straight body of the HTC Desire
    metal body of the HTC One
    HTC is the first bet line on the back of mobile phones
    A9 is so composed of previous models of HTC
    and we can not say that the HTC One A9 copied the iPhone than the iPhone copied the HTC mobile phones

  2. I want the HTC A9, I went yesterday and bought an iPhone 6S plus, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to change it. I like Android and Apple maybe Android a lil more, but I also had an Htc M9 and even tho the camera sucked, the phone and features made up for it; it was one of my best phones. I never experienced lag and the themes were the best part.

  3. the smaller battery doesn't even matter with all the things put into place to slow down the battery consumption, and even if it does drain down, if you have quick charge 3.0 you'll have 50% battery in like 10-15 mins or so.

  4. the one thing I LOVE about the A9 is it charges VERY fast… my HTC One m8 had a bigger battery, and had quick charge 2.0 which charged my m8 fast. the A9 has a smaller battery and has quick charge 3.0 which is twice as fast as quick charge 2.0. in other words the A9 charges in about 1/4 of the time the m8 did with quick charge 2.0, which was already fast, so the A9 gets a full charge in the time it takes most FAST charging phones to reach 50%, that's really fast !!

  5. one thing I noticed is when doing the front camera comparison you have HDR on on the iPhone 6s, but its off on the HTC A9 which makes a big difference. I have compared the Samsung s6, iPhone 6, and HTC A9 and the A9 was the most fluid, most responsive, and had the best layout and performance… the Samsung s6 is pretty snappy, but the A9 is just more fluid, and smoother. In America they only sell the A9 with 32 gig's of storage and 3 gig's of ram. I traded my HTC One m8 which I loved for the A9, the m8 had a great camera and it took better pictures then my dads iPhone 6, I have. comparison picture on my Google account to prove it. but The A9's camera is still great and I find it to take better images then the iPhone. the only advantage the iPhone 6s has is the 4K video while the A9 only record video at 1080p 30 fps. but I have the say comparing the iPhone 6 and the A9 the A9 is much better, I haven't done to much comparing with the 6s, but from the time I spent messing with it, I didn't see much difference in camera quality or performance between the iPhone 6 and 6s. besides the A9 is almost half the price of the iPhone 6 and 6s, with better specs, and the A9 feels much more fluid and smoother, the camera is snappier as well.

  6. slot of people are judging the A9 based off what they see on paper, but that doesn't show the whole picture… the A9 may have a smaller battery but it's not about the capacity of the battery, it's about the consumption of the battery… most phones with slightly more ram, and larger batteries also have higher resolution displays, and loads of bloatware and background apps which drain the battery down MUCH faster, and also slow the phone down… the A9 actually is a great phone as a whole, everything balances out. the display is a 1080p which uses 40% less battery then standard 1080p displays, the A9 also features doze which keeps background apps from draining down the battery, and on top of it all, the smaller battery, adds to a faster charging time, considering it has quick-change 3.0, but the battery is smaller so the phone can reach a full charge, faster then most phones can reach 50% charge… like I said the phones with higher resolution displays such as 4K displays are pointless, it's not worth the cost of performance and or battery life.. your not going to see a difference on a 5" phone between 1080p and 2-4K… the A9 actually has a great display, the bubbled gorilla glass, and the super smiled display look great and are more then enough… besides how much 4K video are you honestly going to watch on a 5" phone, and most stuff on YouTube and all is maxed out at 720p-1080p, so out of the other 99% of the time your not watching 4K videos that high res display serves no purpose other than to drown your battery and slow down your phone !! besides the A9 (which is considered a mid-grade device) has a much better display then the iPhone (which is considered a flagship device) yet like always no-one ever says anything about that…. and the funny thing is, the new iPhone 6s has a 4K camera yet the displays is barely a 1080p display lol…

  7. I would also like to point out, all the I-fans ridiculing and putting down the A9, maybe you should think about this… the A9 has the same design quality as the iPhone, the A9 has more ram, more CPU power, better display, better cameras, better battery life, faster charging, expandable storage (more memory) and features hi-res audio , as well as a badass onboard amp and DAC , making it the most powerful phone for headphones… so basically the A9 has higher specs then the iPhone 6 all while costing hundreds of dollars less, and the A9 is considered a mid-grade device, yet the iPhone has much lower specs, costs almost double and it's considered a flagship … that's funny…..

  8. ummm. it wasn't HTC that copied the iPhone lol… it was the iPhone who copied HTC !! HTC had this design years before the iPhone did !! the iPhone copied HTC's all metal body, antenna bands, long slender shape for easier one handed use, the iPhone copied HTC's 5mp front facing camera, and the iPhone copied HTC's zoe camera which it calls live photos…. now tell me what HTC copied off the iPhone ??? because finger print sensors are found on all phones now, and was first used by Motorola… don't say circular cameras becAuse all cameras are either circular or square and protruding circular cameras have been around since flip phones, and HTC has even featured this on other phones as well, like the HTC eye, which the camera on the A9 comes directly from !! the only thing you could even say the A9. copied would be the bottom speaker even though the Samsung Note 5 has both a bottom speaker and finger print sensor and yet it looks nothing like the iPhone … hmmm I wonder why… maybe it's because they look alike due to the design the iphon copied from the HTC One series, and their similarities have nothing to do with speakers, finger print sensors or bottom speakers, which are features found on most phones not just the iPhone !! most of the new features sound on the iPhone 6 and 6s come from strictly from the HTC One series, meaning it's the only phone with has these features or HTC was the company to first developed or feature them on their phones !! so once again I would love to hear from an I-fan what exactly did HTC copy directly from the iPhone… the iPhone gets credit for all the features and design it copied from HTC !! HTC has had to s design and camera features for years.. so how can HTC copy their own design or something they had first ?? even the new nexus everyone claims copied the phones look, yet the iPhone copied the antenna bands and metal body from HTC, like always apple gets credited for what they copied !!

  9. Well. If you like the look… That's because HTC bit off apple's iPhone 6 / 6s. I like the older models for their unique look compared to the a9 and I'm surprised he didn't mention the similarities. So for that reason the asus zenfone 2 is still my favorite android phone.

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