HTC One A9 Review

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See why Josh thinks the HTC One A9 marks the company’s experimental period. With a new but all too familiar design, do a few different ideas make the A9 a worthy successor to the M9?

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42 Comments on HTC One A9 Review

  1. Thx a lot for this great Review but HTC F*%^*%c UP big time, taking out the dual speakers, system lags, horrible design, and the bullet of mercy ……. wait ………. dust magnet ………. Haaaaahaaaa, sorry HTC but if you don't pick up where M8 left off you are going down like windows phones and black berry.

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  3. Thanks for the review! This phone isn't worth the amount they want. I'll just stick with the M9. Plus, taking away the Boom Speakers for a tacked on home/fingerprint button is not worth it.

  4. I am going to be a former iPhone user, and I might get this phone, because it looks familiar. So is it worth it? I don't are about speakers or camera btw.

  5. You guys need to realize that "wow removing boomsound speakers will destroy HTC. GG HTC is done". They were already having major revenue drops even with the M9 with the dual speakers. Boomsound is not helping HTC succeed at all so of course they're going to try something new. I think HTC are just trying to see if removing the stereo speakers would fail or not and the new design so that they can test out the One M10 without these features

  6. I think they should keep with the ultra pixels, seems like that are improving. Perhaps with that nice selfie camera they can put a flash too, get back the boom audio, better battery life, removal battery so I can drop an extended one in if I choose, and of course keep the SD card slot

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