HTC One A9 Review | so much … potential

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This is a detailed review of the HTC One A9 (affiliate)

00:27 Design & Build
03:01 Display
04:03 Sound
05:06 Performance
08:36 Battery
09:58 Software
11:29 Camera

12:53 Recap & Conclusion

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22 Comments on HTC One A9 Review | so much … potential

  1. I love your videos. according to me, the most honest reviews on YouTube. I wanted a suggestion. should I get the Samsung galaxy s6, Sony Xperia z5 compact or the HTC one a9 half a year from now? my main concerns are battery life, multitasking, camera, build quality and one hand usability. Would love to hear your suggestion.

  2. +Damir Franc good one again. There's a 32GB version with 3GB of RAM in the US, not sure about EU. Overall you're better off with 1+X which is about half the price of A9, even the Oppo F1 seems on par with the A9 and it's even way cheaper.

  3. Spoiler alert: he got a hair cut lol.
    Great review again. I think that this style of Android is the way things will go in the near future: slightly themed by the OEM and a few rearrangements.

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