HTC One A9 Review: If Ya Can’t Beat ‘Em, Clone ‘Em

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HTC built an iPhone – and it turns out it’s not half bad. Should you consider picking one up at its limited-time promotional pricing, or is this smartphone too clone to own? Join us for Pocketnow’s video review of the HTC One A9 to find out, then get the FULL story in our in-depth written review at Pocketnow:

UPDATE: HTC has revised the HTC One A9’s specs since this video was completed. The One A9 cover glass is Gorilla Glass 3, not Gorilla Glass 4 as previously stated.

Rocket launch footage via SpaceX:

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45 Comments on HTC One A9 Review: If Ya Can’t Beat ‘Em, Clone ‘Em

  1. Why does everybody seem to be downgrading phone speakers? HTC with the A9, Apple with the iPhone 6s and Samsung with the Galaxy S7. All of their predecessors had better speakers. Why are we going back in time instead of forward? I want a phone to actually wake me up in a morning. I'm finding myself sleeping through my alarm on the S7 edge because it's that quiet!

  2. When Apple copies other people over look it and call it innovative, but when other do it they copy it. Apple copied the LG Prada design for the original iphone, they later copy the HTC m7 full metal design but make the back flat too avoiding looking like a clone. They also copied the s pen. They copy, stole, or brought ideas and patent then sue others over it. That is the reason I don't buy anything crapple, they are patent trolls.

  3. 1:50 HTC and Huawei have the same problem, they use these awful static on-screen black thick keys on the bottom.
    You basically cut off a large part of the screen real-estate that will NEVER be usable or beautiful. Will just always permanently be a thick black featureless border to house those buttons. Useless.
    As much as i loved my Huawei Ascend P6, it has the same issue. They even remain when watching videos! (to allow you to go back, of course, otherwise you'd be stuck!).

    Honestly i cant see myself ever buying another phone without "hardware" home and back buttons.
    I want the FULL screen to be usable and beautiful with actual useful icons and information.
    Not have part of it permanently blacked off by a thick stripe.

  4. let's clear this up, please if you think the HTC A9 copied it's design from the iPhone, please list 3 features the A9 copied DIRECTLY from the iPhone… it can't be done. That all metal body, antenna bands, long slender shape, rounded edges, 5MP front camera, and ZOE camera or "live photos", have all been featured on HTC long before the iPhone… finger print scanners are found on moat phones today and we're first featured by Motorola. bottom speakers are also featured on other phones, not just iPhone. Some people even so desperately claim the A9 copied the iPhone protruding rear camera lol… really ? HTC has had protruding camera since before smart phones, even the incredible had a protruding camera way back when.. Besides the iPhone and the A9 both have Sony sensors so maybe that has something to do with camera similarities… besides let's face it the only reason the A9 and iPhone look alike is because of that which the iPhone copied from HTC !!

  5. Lol. want an high end feel of an iphone? Don't you mean iphone users who want an high end feel of android from their side. All the previous iphones were shaped as a box. No curves what so ever. Androids have curves in their phone.. I figured iphone would stay with their blocky design but no. They design something that androids would normally have. And I've also see other reviews that said that the a9 acutally resembles other series within HTC. Like the desire eye for example. Htc didn't copy anybody. They stayed within their boundaries. Next iphones are going to do curved screens. But put something unique in it. The samsung is going to something to their unique and next minute you know people are going to say that samsung is copying iphone. All so funny.

  6. When will we get an after the buzz on this phone? Is it still worth looking into? How has performance been now that the out of the box snappiness most phones have may start to be wearing off? Is the OS stable and consistent? Love your videos, just a suggestion for your next After the Buzz ( which is my favorite series you guys do btw)

  7. I've kept hearing people claiming HTC is screwed because of the others in the Big 3. I see Samsung and LG seem to have a stranglehold on the Android market because those two brands pop up all the time. Sadly, I almost never see HTC or LG any more. (Am using a G3 right now) I think I'll go against the grain and take a serious look at this when my contract is up. I'm disappointed they removed the Boomsound speakers but I hope they improve the camera. The G3 camera has impressed me because it almost never takes mediocre pictures. I fear that the A9 might be a step down from what the reviewer experienced. Gee why is it that hard to make a snappy camera that doesn't produce excessive noise? My sister-in-law has a Galaxy S5 and it takes excellent pics.

  8. Thats cool! I'm from Boston too haha 😀 .. sorry off topic but this video is great! thank you for the information about this phone. My iphone 5s is going to give up on me soon so I'm debating whether I should go back to HTC or Samsung…or stay with Apple.

  9. i will continue to buy from the originals Apple. Everyone copies them for a reason, period. i don't care what any fan boys have to say so please don't bother argue with me i will not play into it. i love Apple cause it works for me, android never did!!

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