HTC One A9 Review: iDentity Crisis?

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TechnoBuffalo reviews the new HTC One A9.

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29 Comments on HTC One A9 Review: iDentity Crisis?

  1. Its not a Iphone. Certainly in my social circle Iphone are seen as lame sheeple mindless peoples phones so whats the best non iphone phone? probably the s6 edge. I think this video reeks of apple fanboy bias, we have to criticise it and this is all we have?

  2. A brand new HTC M8 32GB gold version (Snapdragon 801) is now selling only under $200 USD on eBay, with the best boom sound speakers and full metal body, it's no brainer that it's a much better device than accident prone (dual glasses) One X, not to mention, One X ($249) only has 16GB internal storage and has NO NFC and NO infrared and not fully optimized either (lags more often).

  3. I like the device cuz it's good for sprint customers who do not have a full $500 to drop all in one on a 6P which I would do if I had it but the a9 is good cuz I can upgrade to it without dropping the whole cash all in one I can make payments on sprint that's what makes attractive to me

  4. I watched this review about half way until I had to turn it off because I realized they have no idea what they're talking about. People, 64-bit is only an advantage when you have an excess of 4GB of ram, OTHERWISE IT'S POINTLESS. having 32 bit on a phone with 3 gigs of ram is only logical. Also, they seemes to point out that having the newest chipset from qualcomm is "bleeding edge". smh, this thing benchmarks lower than the phone's predecessor. actually research what you're talking about guys…

  5. HTC will be the next BlackBerry. Flagship wise you have the iPhone and the S/Note series. Android heads have the Nexus to depend on. People with tight budget can always get GREAT value from OnePlus and Oppo. Tech smarks will go after the Xperias.

    Where does HTC fit into any of the above categories? A few years ago they were the third most popular smartphone brand but now they are on the brink of extinction.

  6. dear technobuffalo i really like your channel but cant you see that any review for any htc device you always said the bad things only and give huge of amount of compliment for other brands like samsung and all whay they are doning is just copying from others …… i dont know but it feels like you are misjudge this company and their great phones please reconsider this issue

  7. the smartphone looks awesome but the only thing that i hate its the battery, it only has 2150 mAh. why can they make smartphone with a bigger battery. i for one woudn't mind the bulk it would had if they put a bigger battery.

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