HTC One A9 Review: Before You Buy 199

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Myriam Joire reviews the HTC One A9 Android smartphone.
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21 Comments on HTC One A9 Review: Before You Buy 199

  1. I have an M8 that I use from time to time,and compared to my Iphone6 plus,the M8 is very slow!! It's the Harmon-Kardon edition and the two speakers on the front sound great compared to the Iphone. Would think that a company that has a music buying business,and also spent way too much money for some shitty headphones…would offer a phone that has better speakers! I'll never buy another Iphone,the speakers suck! My new phone will be a One+.

  2. Actually ppl are hating it because HTC is selling a 250Euro phone at 400Euro. This phone is garbage at 400 euro, and by that I ment every single aspect of that phone is below of what it should be offering at that price. You don't like these specs, and want a good looking phone that works really well? get an 1+X. Sorry man this is not a review, this is you earning your money from HTC.

  3. Your friend's going to be like "Uh wow you got a Burgundy iPhone", and you're going to say "No, it's an HTC". Then you're friends brain will no longer be able to function.

  4. A DAC won't help unless you have PREMIUM HEADPHONES! The average In ear Phone/Headphone guy is not going to notice the difference. LG's $45 models are comparable to high end if your poor.

  5. htc is not the first with the design, the ipod touch 5th generation was released on October 11th 2012 which the iphone 6 is design from whereas the htc m7 was released March 8th 2013.

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