HTC One A9 review

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There are HTC logos on the front and back of the One A9 but who are we kidding: this is the best and most glorious iPhone clone that has ever been.


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21 Comments on HTC One A9 review

  1. i want htc to copy all the good of the smartphones and put it in one phone and make it better then i will pay for it. i will definitely buy htc one a9 as my secondary phone for it's design like an iphone and now it's cheaper at the price of 350usd, you get hifi headphone dac/amp, good camera, finger print scanner, nice build and design, light and thin.

  2. This guy is a BOZO… And if there are any others out there who think htc copied the iphone, you guys are also BOZO's!! htc was the very first company to come out with all aluminum body design… APLLE COPIED HTC!! Wake up BOZO"S!!

  3. Sorry but think this is a poor 'review'. You constantly compared it to the iPhone, and hence I didn't feel that I got a clear understanding of the A9 in its own right.

  4. iphone clone ??? you are a fucking cunt….You moron don't yet know that the design of iphone 6 came from the HTC one M7 which was released in 2013 .Apple & Samsung both are copy cat .Recent times,Apple has stolen the 3d touch technology for 6s model from an american university without informing/paying who invented it .

  5. That's cheaper then the iPhones The galaxy's $499 is still kinda meh but $99 on AT&T with a 2 year Contract is pretty damn good (idk for how long tho) bc the iPhone manly goes for $600-$650 for base 16gb which is dumb well it did

  6. Well, I might consider taking a closer look on this. I have an Nexus 5x at the moment and i'm not happy with it. Too many lags. The speaker is clashing, terrible voice quality, the sensor on the back ist nice but my finger always ends up on the lens. Speaking of the camera.. it's very slow and laggy.

  7. "The One A9 is essentially an iPhone running Android"
    Exactly! What if that's what some people want? Why are you focusing so much on what this device tries to resimble and not what it is in the first place? Yeah okay it looks like an iPhone… when the iPhone 6 came along nobody bats an eye about the design… when the A9 comes along everyone loses their mind! The point is it looks like an iPhone… but some people will like that. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's objectively ugly. Heck I even think this looks great in black compared to the iPhone… but of course because it's not made by Apple it's automatically ugly and guilty of copying amirite?

  8. With the HTC A9 being a direct copy of the iPhone 6 'body', this should be sold as a mid range phone not at a flagship price.

    HTC should have kept the Boom Sound speakers, improved the camera, kept the big battery and not copycat the iPhone. With a custom launcher, it can even look like the iPhone.

    This should only be purchased as a secondary phone.

    End of mini speech. Lol.

  9. i don't get it this was a good review why so much hate the guy said that this is one of the best smartphones of 2015 aside from it resemblance to the iPhone 6

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