HTC One A9 Review!

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I really wanted to get this review out early but it was backorderd for over 2 months ):

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37 Comments on HTC One A9 Review!

  1. @10:30 Dude….or dudette lol. Just trying to open your eyes here but the video isn't smooth at all. A lot of smartphones has frame skipping issues, you do notice the footage isn't smooth right? kinda looks like 20fps. Even the S7 is plagued by this.

    How could out of all the reviews of phones, that no one notices this?

    Good review though, camera aside.

  2. I'm different but I honestly think this phone is an eyesore. The home hutton/fingerprint scanner is ugly is my only real reason for that. Seems a bit pricy as well. And low battery ain't gonna cut it

  3. This review was pretty spot on. Luckily I picked up my A9 for $399 so for that price I'm pretty happy. I can't stress enough how awesome it is to get such fast software updates, I've been running 6.0.1 for like two months now while other real "flagship" phones are still on lollipop. The sound through the headphone output is on point too if you have high quality headphones. Planning on getting the M10 I just really appreciate HTC's build quality and user experience, it makes other phones feel broken.

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