HTC One A9 Review: 3 Months Later with the Android iPhone Clone!

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This is the HTC One A9 – this isn’t an iPhone. But, if you wish you could get an Android device in the shape of an iPhone, well, here you go. HTC says that it sold aluminum unibody devices before Apple did, and they’re right. Ever since the One M7 at the start of 2013, HTC has been promoting its signature aluminum unibody design, characterized by a particular mix of subtle curves and precise straight lines. But hey, the camera, camera flash, and even corner radius on the A9 device matches the iPhone 6 and 6s, and those antenna bands look awfully familiar as well.

If you read the One A9’s spec sheet, you’d probably think of it as a mid-range phone with nothing special about it. But that’s why spec sheets should be ignored for the most part. Using the One A9 shows what happens when a phone makes the most of its components, resulting in a device that compares favorably with most other companies’…

25 Comments on HTC One A9 Review: 3 Months Later with the Android iPhone Clone!

  1. Don't know how much longer I can hold out for a good (affordable) 5" phone to come out. Everything seems to be 5.2 or larger, mostly 5.5". I'm almost tired of waiting and about to pull the trigger on this one.

  2. not sure what to buy htc a9 , htc m9, nexus 5x, oneplusx i dont play that much games ,mainly surf on the inet and listen to a lot of music (with headphones on) sd card is quite important for me and also like to have a decent camera most people said the m9's camera sucked so i'm realy uncertain what to buy :b hope you can help

  3. You could've touched upon future support for quick charge 3.0, Adaptable storage, color temperature calibration options , pdaf, manual camera controls, class leading audio playback, htc uh oh protection … I'm just saying, but a decent review.

  4. if they make the same promise in regards to updates within 15 days for the new HTC 10 or m10 I will make the switch back to HTC. . the m7 is still one of my favorite phones

  5. I am not a fan of HTC at all but I dont agree with your video title. HTC has owned this design before Apple relased the Iphone 6. Anyway, thumb up for the review and the device

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