HTC One A9 Review!

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Here’s a look at HTC’s latest device, the One A9. Going with a few different changes in design this time. Let me know what you think!
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HTC One A9 Unboxing:

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30 Comments on HTC One A9 Review!

  1. I was having second thoughts on getting this at 400 dollars. I definitely did not want to buy it at 500. An eBay seller recently posted it at $359 and I thought I'd give it a try. Not a bad price at all. Your review was definitely fair. One thing for everyone to note is that this is a mid-range phone. High-end gaming or if you're a power user, this is not the phone for you. For everyone else whose main usage is social media, emails, selfies, this should be a great phone. Battery life may not be the best, but you have QuickCharge which will make it easy for you to get some additional juice in such a short time.

  2. i love my a9 it works great for me i can game alot doesnt lag or go slow or take too long too load at all the battery saver helps it last all day so you really dont need to charge it alot or you could turn the brightness down helps alot and with the quality of the screen it still looks amazing while helping you keep your battery lasting longer through out the day

  3. If you think that lag is bad, you should see an S4 running Lollipop TouchWiz 5.0.1, that shit is horrendous LAG when doing just about anything! Comparably no lag, although stutters would be annoying on a new flagship device I must admit.

  4. heyy i really need help i gotta know that there is this option if u press the lock screen button while u r on a call the call can drop i need to know how to activate this so please if u could help me

  5. I've had HTC One since the m6 I don't have the a9 at least yet but me personally the m7 was the best one back when you HTC phones could customize so much they need to go back to that type

  6. Hi! i loved you review! But please help me. i cant make up my mind if i should tako HTC One M9 or HTC One A9.. i can get them for the same price, but they are so close in performances i just cant choose. :/ So please tell me your opinion, it would help me a lot! thnx

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