HTC One A9 Review

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HTC is back with another phone and we’re back with another video as a result! This time around it’s not so clear whether or not this can be called a flagship, but the $499 HTC One A9 is certainly worth a look, especially if you like smaller phones. Check out our full written review as well at the link below and let us know what you thought of the phone!

Featured Review: HTC One A9

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17 Comments on HTC One A9 Review

  1. What is wrong with people today that a 5 inch phone is considered "a smaller phone". I can barely find a phone that fits in my pockets anymore, I have to buy new pants with each new phone trend.

  2. Being a user of HTC A9, i prefer this phone. Why here are the tricks. If you just dont use that much mobile data. Dial ##4636## then go to Phone Information and select GSM only.
    What will it do! you wouldn't Believe. Your phone will last more than 16hrs. Also download Optimizer of HTC from Play Store.

  3. thank goodness I watched your video!!!! I was just about to ask about the htc pro studio earbuds when I saw them then you covered its in the video, how would you compare them to other 60-100 headphones

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