HTC One A9: Mini Review!

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The HTC One A9, the latest addition to the HTC One line, is an exercise in design by HTC. While you may say it looks like the iPhone and other devices, you should remember that it was HTC who first brought us the all aluminum construction with the visible antenna bands.

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  1. Apple and HTC have an agreement to where they well not sue each other that's why you never hear of these companies suing each other they are free to copy each other Apple copied HTC now HTC clearly took some inspiration from them for those who say it's the last nail in the coffin for HTC this is not there latest flagship there flagship is still the M9 this is a midrange budget cautious smartphone

  2. Alright, HTC used metal in first in place. But we are not talking about the choice of material, but the design itself. Everything, including the camera protuding, resembles the iPhone (although the lens is placed in the middle). Come on, HTC. You're dead already. You could go with something different. Bad for you.

  3. FYI this isn't the first non-necus device to feature marshmallow, infact the android one series of phone that were introduced last year already have marshmallow on them and these were built by different other companies and their updates solely handled by the respective companies…. food for thought :)

  4. thank you for knowing your history. htc may have put the speaker on the bottom but with out beats audio, boom sound is not the same so it's not a deal breaker. aluminum body and antenna lines have been htc for the past 3 years. htc continue your magic

  5. is anyone else thinking HTC took a huge $#!+ on the Western market the M9 Plus was better then this and the M9 combined it has front facing speakers a fingerprint scanner better camera and everything that made HTC great now we have copygate

  6. and remember who was the one keep holding lawsuits against then strong HTC with vague design patents, and after they let rise of Samsung then they force HTC to agree on cross license agreement, and Apple used HTC body design for iphone6, now HTC use their own design with a tweak is wrong?? yea right it's Apple now.

  7. I wonder what would the public say if HTC released the HTC One Max today instead of in 2013. HTC can and will never do anything right. If you don't believe me look at the HTC One max but don't believe its reviews, don't use it and most important don't compare it to what's on the market today. shots fired!

  8. this Apple thing is getting out of hand. PSA to all Apple fan boys. Apple is not that great. here are facts
    1. Samsung makes their chips
    2. they basically use recycled parts (that are cheap)
    3. their name is what your paying for. not the phone
    4. iTunes
    5. they have stolen multiple concepts from Chinese companies which is why Apple stay with lawsuits. and they not innovative. everything some comes out with has always been used by other companies. which is why Apple is in 5th place overseas.
    so next time you wanna say Apple is the best. find your knowledge first. Apple is decent at best. but the best overall plz. otherwise they wouldn't need Samsung. just like Microsoft wouldn't need Sony to help complete the Xbox

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