HTC One A9 memory explained: Internal & SD cards

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The HTC One A9 packs Marshmallow and an SD card slot – this is awesome. Why? Because Marshmallow (Android 6.0) and the HTC One A9 can do something very clever with an SD card – treat it as internal memory. If you’ve had memory issues with Android before, this could be a potential remedy for you. In this video we run through the process of formatting a card to internal memory, highlight some pitfalls of the process and run through how much memory is usable from the get-go on the One A9.

30 Comments on HTC One A9 memory explained: Internal & SD cards

  1. Doesn't work for me. It did at first but then it says that my sd card isn't fast enough. So now I'm stuck with low storage space on phone, it's annoying trying to move stuff to sd card and there's no way to set sd card as the main storage.

  2. I wonder how the actual internal memory on the motherboard of A9 is going to be used after the migration and formatting as internal storage of the SD card, since we can only access the content of sd card when plug in to a PC after this process…seemed like the internal memory is gone?

  3. so do i have to create a complete back up of my files in my sd before i do this? and will other phone be able to read my sd card if decided to change my smartphone?

  4. Do you have to use a UHS U1 SD- Card? It is a must? Or can you also use an Class 10 Standart SD Card? It would be interesting, if the A9 / Marshmallow refuses to format an internal Class 10 SD-Card, because it detecs it could be too slow. I ask, because o own a LG G4 with the official Marshmallow, but the "Format as Internal" option is not available. I'm using a 128Gig Class 10 SD Card and i think, thats the reason why i do not have this option. Would be interesting if you could verify with your Device and a Class 10. Depending on yout tests, i consider to buy an UHS SD Card and try again! ;)

  5. Sony Z5 Compact will also have this feature once it gets marshmallow update. It also had twice the infernal storage to begin with in the UK market. And crucially it's actually cheaper than this phone. HTC have priced this phone into oblivion in the UK market.

  6. can i use that sd Card with a nexus 9 running android 6.0 and my HTC one m8 (currently i'm waiting for marshmallow update) too? i mean to use it as internal storage in 2 devices, is it possible? will it read it?

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