HTC One A9 Marshmallow Sense UI explained

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The HTC A9, one of the first Android devices on the marketing rocking Marshmallow AKA Android 6.0. We look at it in more detail and explain how it benefits from the combination of Marshmallow paired with the HTC Sense.

Stay tuned for more HTC One A9 videos and shoot through any questions you have about the phone in the comments section below! Finally, be sure to enter our Divoom AuraBox giveaway to be in to win an awesome bluetooth speaker. Enter before 23:59:59 22/10/15 by following this link:

42 Comments on HTC One A9 Marshmallow Sense UI explained

  1. What does HTC sense actually mean? Does it mean when you press or touch the screen it gives you a vibration feedback or Some kind of tone feedback? I pressed the black berry phones and when you touch the finger on the screen it will feel like a mechanical key. Youll hear a click and your feel a click. basically the screen will be em-pressed and it will feel so nice.

  2. First video from this channel I watched, and I've subscribed. You actually talk about the important and new changes in the phone, unlike so many of the "biggest" reviewers out there who just talk about their feel of the phone (which is so subjective and non-factual). Looking forward to your next vids!

  3. Funny thing is this a phone review but no one ever demo how phone being used to me how the contacts , call and text features works or UI if you will are very important to me. I switched from iphone to Galaxy because one day I walked in a store started playing around with the UI of Galaxy and I fall in love with Galaxy and never look back. so please be unique stop showing Camera , brink feed and all those junk stuffs show me how the phone actual used as a phone.

  4. Great video. Have you tried downloading HTC music from the playstore? I really prefer it to the Google music app. Also, are you saying it's not possible to get a 4th button on the navigation bar? that's a shame since the finger print scanner acts as a home button.

  5. Pressing questions:

    Does the A9 have Active Display(Nexus 6 feature)?
    Does the A9 have Knock On(LG G3 feature)?
    Is the screen clearly visible in direct sunlight?
    Is the battery life better than the Samsung Galaxy S6?
    Does the A9 have Always Listening(e.g. like the Nexus 5x)?
    Does the A9 encounter any hiccups while playing intense video games(e.g. like Asphalt)?
    Does the A9 offer butter smooth performance?
    Does the A9 take good low light pictures?
    How does the A9 camera measure up to the Galaxy S6 camera?
    Does the A9 have a quick camera shooter?

  6. Great videos thanks. Does the A9 have the Ambient Display (which is like on Moto X) feature that other Marshmallow phones have?

    Plus does it also have all the motion launch features like camera snap that is on M9?

  7. the 3 icon (return, home, multitask) prevent me to buy, it same with make the screen size become smaller. This disturb my feeling. If I were the CEO of HTC I will remove these icons

  8. Question to HTC: Hello HTC, did Apple Iphone lend their Iphone 6 molding machine to u guys? What a disappointment not to have a concept of your own…..hope you guys didn't copy the iOS operating system as well, remember u are Android.

  9. and the physical button in HTC One A9 is made only for finger print, and the HTC brand on top of home button, wasting place of the screen, i would rather make the screen bigger than put HTC brand in front of the phone, HTC has 2 home button, screen home button and physical home button, so ugly… HTC, Meizu Pro 5, Samsung S6 are cloning iPhone 6

  10. so apple always made innovation, at first there was SIRI, and others made the same thing, and Finger Print, Samsung and other brand also make phone with finger print, let's wait for Force touch, maybe Samsung S7, and they keep trash talk bout apple

  11. All skins are wonderful because they bring features beyond what Android offers, but there is a level of visual polish and consistency that comes with stock Android that is unmatched. I liked Moto's approach. This looks pretty clean as well, kudos to HTC

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