HTC One A9 in depth hands-on

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Your first look at the HTC One A9 – loaded up with Marshmallow, AKA Android 6.0 – it has a full metal body and a 5.0 inch Gorilla Glass screen. Stay tuned for more HTC One A9 videos and shoot through any questions you have about the phone in the comments section below!

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33 Comments on HTC One A9 in depth hands-on

  1. For me 2100mAh battery is just fine. My actual Galaxy s3 has same battery, powerful(maybe not that powerful like 4yrs ago) processor and OLED display so it should perform at least as good as S3 😉 but what I'm afraid of is only the 2GB RAM edition. My S3 is same version. 2GB RAM 16GB ROM… I'll ship mine from US I think :D

  2. hiee all..!! Bought dis phone three weeks ago.M really happy abt it so far. Grt design nd performance. Nice n responsive. battery S efficient enuf to make out at d end of d day. Overall I would recommend dis device to everyone who r nt looking for a flagship device but still who want to hav a high end on performance device… :):)

  3. Bad location to the fingerprint sensor. I would tape over it, but it looks dumb when it´s in the front and when they put it in the back all the cases will have a dumb hole in the back for the useless peoples fingerprint stealer.

  4. just pre-ordered this – 1- like the form factor 2- like thumbing nose at apple (1/2 price i-phone) 3- the headphone sound quality is said to be terrific. 4) size perfect between iphone 6 and 6+.
    The small battery is ok cuz i like to not use the phone's battery and instead use external battery often. they're really cheap.

  5. How is the battery life? I know there's a lot of talk with the smaller battery size, but I would think HTC made some design decisions to combat the smaller battery size, like going with AMOLED over LCD and the slower clock speeds on the processor. It still seems very snappy and I'm looking to ditch my M8 for one of these. I really want this phone but, if I have to just keep charging it and it won't last me throughout the day with regular usage, I wouldn't be able to realistically make the purchase.

  6. This device looks amazing. They had the strips on the back since HTC one M7, so basically you can say apple store their design and refined it. But love the look and that phone is going to be a beast.

  7. The HTC logo in front is a waste of space.. the back, home and minimize button on the screen also a waste of screen when playing games like candy crush and other.. To my surprise you don't see the button on HTC browser because it minimizes by hiding itself which is awesome…

  8. HTC makes the best looking and most reliable phones and the A9 seems to be 1 of the best looking phone they have made with great camera and very responsive fingerprint scanner. Great review as always.

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