HTC One A9 hands-on

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The HTC One A9 is one of the first new smartphones to run Google’s latest Android Marshmallow. It’s also one of the most obvious iPhone clones we’ve ever seen. Does the combination work to make an awesome phone in its own right?

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28 Comments on HTC One A9 hands-on

  1. man yesterday, I saw a HTC phone, full rugged use, for 3 years, still camera and screen quality intact… so perfect that really unbelievable to the plastics that I bought all these years… so for the first time I am taking attention of htc… i was fan of the screen quality and camera… i have a iphone 5 which I dont use… But htc was far satisfying in nature/aspects… this is enough man, if a phone can stand u for 3 years….

  2. 我在我們附近花市開的韓式餐廳(現已改賣泰國式菜)問了些問題!看到有人在洗碗ㄟ!生意真那麼好嗎?不是應該等餐廳關門後再洗嗎?我因看到(有免費)的糖大家拿!就拿了9~10顆喔!這樣很多嗎?

  3. Ohhh please!!!! HTC looks like iphone?!?!?!?!?Look at the old iphone models and then decide who has suddenly decided to look like HTC..the way HTC has been looking for the past few years already!!!!!! That's a really annoying comparison!

  4. I know Apple fanboys want to believe this phone copied the iPhone but it's just not true. the whole iPhone 6 look and even the new camera features were all copied from HTC !! HTC had this design years before the iPhone 6 ever came out !! it's just slimmer with the speaker on the bottom. How can htc copy their own design ?? oh and on top of it all, this phone is faster, smoother, better battery life due to a built in software called doze that keeps background apps from running when the phone isn't being used, as well as a display screen that uses 40% less battery, and super fast charging on top of it all. so basically you have a phone with equally good design as the iPhone, buy with much better specs, better battery life, for about half the price !! and Apple fans are paying almost double for far less !!

  5. everyone keeps saying htc copied Apple's design… this is wrong. It was actually Apple who copied HTC's design. Apple copied HTC's all metal body, Apple copied HTC's antenna bands, Apple copied HTC's long slender body or easier one handed use. Apple copied HTC's zoe camera, Apple copied HTC's 5mp front facing camera ect… if you look at the HTC one m7 (which predates the iPhone over a year) you see the same design, rounded edges, metal body, antenna bands, and shape. all HTC has done is slim the phone down, added a finger print sensor, and put the speaker on the bottom. the over all design is HTC'S NOT APPLES !! it's funny Because no one said anything about all the iPhone 6's technology and design upgrades all being copied off HTC !! Pretty much everything new about the iPhone 6 and 6s was copied from HTC !!

  6. I don't get it. Almost every time Samsung presents something everybody says "Oh my Gosh- they copied Samsung again" but in conclusion and in the very first look, this phone looks more like an iPhone than a Galaxy S6, doesn't it?

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