HTC One A9 hands-on

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PhoneArena presents a hands-on look at the HTC One A9.
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49 Comments on HTC One A9 hands-on

  1. Well come on guys, HTC's fanbase is split into those wanting to keep the 1080p screens & maintain battery life, and those who want cutting edge. I think HTC created this phone so that they can go all out with the M10 (without having to create an M10 plus). In my opinion though HTC could have a pretty solid line up with the A line (Mid/Top range), the M line (High end) and probably a new Max line (Larger High End) to stand up to the Note.

  2. for a mid-range device with a poor battery, huge bezels, and a copy-cat design – 400$ is way too much.

    Today One Plus released the "X", which is a beast compared to this iPhone-Android hybrid, plus it costs just 250$.

    HTC, I'm a fan, former M8 owner, but you have again released a loser.

  3. one of the reasons that drew me to HTC phones was the front firing speakers, I'm disappointed with this design… this is an iPhone 6, with android… even though htc had that design with the one series before Apple copied it! No boom sound, NO HTC!

  4. Never got the impression this was a new flagship. I got the impression (from the naming and specs) that it is the flagship line's "mid-range" offering. Similar to the way the HTC Desire 816 is the "flaghip" of the mid-range Desire line.

  5. First time I have heard anyone mention "Promotional pricing" They didn't say it in their press release, its not on their website, and no other review sites say that. Do believe you are misinformed.

  6. @Paul Ramplin they were at one time they helped move Android on and gain more market share. Phone like the Hero & Htc desire. People bought them because around that stage stock Android was bad and Htc added some features that made it more user friendly. It's. Shame where they have ended up

  7. This is a perfect example of Apple spearheading the future of smartphones. Everyone wants to copy them to increase their sales/revenue. If Samsung is smart, they should follow suit as well.

  8. As stated in previous comments on this device, the boom sound speakers were such a unique selling point. They don't even dual facing speakers anymore! What does this device now offer me that all the other flagships don't??

  9. Does this have an IR Blaster to it ??? I can't wait to see the review for this phone cause I want to hear more about the camera considering they flunked last time in the M9 with its 20mgp camera. I really wished they kept the Front facing Boomsound speakers.

  10. Hi , i am really amazed by the numbers of paid negative comments for this phone ! Apple and others must be spending a lot of money for doing this ! the more i look at the A9 the more i like it ! if it will be priced properly it will be a hit !

  11. as much as I hate apple, I am actually getting quite annoyed because this looks very similar to the iPhone 6, same as Samsung making it look like the iPhone….. strange….. (SONY fanboy)

  12. I couldn;t care less about finger print sensors, but as an M7 user, I know full well how much front facing speakers improve so many aspects of the phone experience. It's a deal breaker for me, which is a shame.

  13. Slightly better specs in resolution, screen size, memory, battery, speaker, and camera pixel count than Iphone 6s for about HALF the price. Obviously, HTC is aiming on Iphone and not the other Android players.

  14. There is a lot of hate for this phone. I think it's a great idea and people are expecting too much from it. I hope to switch to this in a couple months from my note 4. I like the iphone look with Android OS. It's a simple phone like an iphone but it still beats it in some areas. Iphones aren't bad. IOS is just awful though imo. Everything is restricted. Other than that, i love the iphones. This way, i can get something in between. I like the placement of the buttons. It will be nice to not have to move my fingers to the other side of the phone just to change the volume. The single speaker is standard for me. I don't know how Boomspeakers are. But i use headphones more anyway. Just get a nice Bluetooth speaker. Problem solved. This isn't really a flagship phone. It's midrange. Stop expecting so much from it.

  15. HTC said what?? They were the "first" to come out with this design? An evolution? The iP6 design language originates from the iPod Touch 5th Generation (introduced September 12, 2012 and released on October 11, 2012 ). A design language which carried an aluminum body, uniformed flat back, and protruding camera. A design language which was carried over to the iPad line before arriving on the iPhone 6. The only reason why the iPhone did not follow the design language of the iPTouch 5th Gen in 2013 (the year the m7 was released) was because the iPhone was on its "s" cycle for that year.
    Here, this link might help you visualize it:

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