HTC One A9 Hands-On

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It’s a radical departure from a company desperately in need of some change … but for all that’s different here, there’s also a heaping helping of the familiar. Join Michael Fisher for a first-impressions hands-on with the HTC One A9, a.k.a. the HTC Aero – and for more detail, see our full hands-on at Pocketnow:

(Full review coming soon at Pocketnow.)


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28 Comments on HTC One A9 Hands-On

  1. I have this phone and i'm loving it.Yep looks and feels like an Iphone 6 which i also have owned in the past ,difference being that its running android .So really no complaints in my every day usage ,battery in fact is great, exceeded my expectations so thats always a good thing .Not sure about the HTC 10 ,sticking with this for now .Love Htc phones always have done despite the companies shortcomings of which there are a few .Each to their own i guess.Have a great day guys and keep up the good work ,love your channel.

  2. WOW they removed the boomsound speaker but kept the logo on the front??? there is already a logo on the back geez, htc. that was a really dumb move bc those speakers great.

  3. gosh, HTC are just can't grasp it can they? yes they changed the design, the back looks great but the front looks like some £40 chinese phone. the front is ugly and omfg what are those bezels??? and next – the interface is just so bland and boring. they need a complete overhaul with their android skin. i even preferred the old lock pull ring and spin-in homescreen. that was fun, colourful and attractive. lol bye HTC.

  4. Butthurts and Apple haters may cry all day if they want but still: you do not buy an iPhone because it looks like x phone, you buy any x phone because it looks like an iPhone. That is pretty much the case. Sorry HTC, you may be right in your claims, but your game is pretty much obvious.

  5. It's a shame because the HTC One series has been one of the best smartphones for the last several years. I don't know why they've gone largely unnoticed by most people. Poor marketing perhaps. I would gladly take the front facing speakers over the silly fingerprint reader. It's also funny that this video starts off saying that HTC is in need of change and at the end says it's a shame they're changing.

  6. What the M10 should have
    Boomsound Front Facing speakers
    2K or FHD resoution no more, no less
    Idk about the snapdragons 810 or 820 because of overheating
    Latest version of Sense with Marshmallow
    16Mp+Ois+Autofocus2K+ other modes+4K recording
    (Tap to focus for back and front and recording)
    5 or 8Mp camera+Autofocus FHD+other selfie modes
    USB 3.0 with Quick Charge 3.0
    5.2 inch screen
    Aluminium sides and front for the speakers
    Back versions and options
    Fully removable
    back cover and
    Semi Removable
    Back cover
    Non Removable
    SM and SD cards on the side
    Options: Leather with color opts, Glass, Plastic w/o gloss, Wood types
    Micro SD expansion up to either 128 or 256 or 512gb
    Base: 16GB for the people who really don't need that much storage but love HTC
    Max: 128GB for the people who need alot of storage and love HTC
    3Gb of Ram or 4GB
    what else?

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