HTC One A9 camera review

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We haven’t quite got our full HTC One A9 review done just yet, but one thing’s for sure, the camera impresses. From the manual control over images through to RAW shooting and down to the sheer quality, everything here is impressive. This is exactly what HTC needed after the mediocre One M9, but how good are we actually talking, is it just a good camera or does it beat competition like the iPhone 6s Plus? Watch our video for a full run-down and fire any comments below.

All samples can be found in the following folder (currently uploading, will be live shortly):

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  1. the HTC One m8's duo camera created great depth in its images, and allowed you to do tons of changes and enhancements after taking the photos. also the HTC m9 features a bokeh camera option. HTC has always been #1 when it comes to innovation and ideas. HTC's innovation can be found on every smart phone out today… I.mean HTC created the first smart phone as well as the first Android phone. Also HTC use to design the iPhone and also designed the first nexus phone. HTC's design can be found on the iPhone 6 & 6s, the nexus 6p, and even LG did a cheap imitation of the HTC One series design. HTC just lacks the marketing power of Samsung and apple.

  2. I would like to point out when you did the selfie comparison, the iPhone 6s has HDR on while the HTC A9 does not, the iPhone 6s's screen also has a flash on-the screen which the htc does not. I have tested both phones in the day time and the HTC A9 took better selfie Images then the iPhone, I guess that's why the selfie Comparison was done in the dark… also I have a comparison of the HTC m8's 4MP ultra pixel duo sensor rear camera and the iPhone 6 8MP rear camera on my Google page. it's the iPhone 6 and the HTC One m8 side by side with the image displayed on the phones display to show them side by side in the same image to show the image has not been doctored up to favor one or the other, for unbiased comparison, and you can see the HTC One m8 takes better images with just a 4MP ultra pixel duo sensor camera which is the same type of camera featured on the front of the A9 minus the duo sensor. if the HTC One m10 features a 12MP ultra pixel duo camera like people say, it will easily be the best smartphone camera on the market hands down. people have this false ides that more megapixels means better quality images and this is simply not true. it's about the quality or size of the pixels, and the sensors used ect… HTC proved this with the HTC on the m8's 4MP camera which was great as long as you didn't zoom in very far, which was the only time it's low resolution showed. people also have to remember the iPhone shoots in HDR automatically, while the HTC A9 has to manually be set to enable HDR , this means most images how the phones pictures brighter with slightly more detail by default. just saying if your going to do a comparison be fair about it.

  3. people give the A9 so much crap for its battery size yet the battery in the A9 is larger and lasts longer then the iPhone 6 and 6s. the A9 also has the same quality design as the iPhone, the A9 has more ram, more CPU cores, more battery life, better display, better audio , more memory (expandable storage up to 2tb) the A9 is considered a mid-range device and has superior specs to the iPhone 6 ( which is considered a flagship), all while costing almost half the price of the iPhone 6 and 6s…. so how can iPhone users say anything negative about the A9 which has better specs then the iPhone at a far less price, especially when the iPhone copied it's design from HTC ??..

  4. I have to say, for anyone claiming the A9 copied ots design from the iPhone you are mistaken. the iPhone copied it's all metal body. antenna bands, long slender shape , as well as the 5MP front facing camera from HTC !! the iPhone also copied HTC's Zoe camera which apple calls "live photos"… the HTC One m7 came out years before the iPhone 6 and had this design first !! and the finger print sensor is a feature found on almost all phones now, and was first featured by Motorola not the iPhone !! as far a circular camera sensors go all phones either have a square or circular camera lens, and HTC has had phones in the past with protruding circular cameras lens, this is nothing new and can even be found on old flip phones, the HTC eye even features this same camera which is where the camera on the A9 camera came from. the only similaritie that I will give credit to the iPhone for is the bottom speaker, even though the phones have this feature as well. the Samsung Note 5 has a finger print sensor and a bottom facing speaker yet it looks nothing like the iPhone.. this is because these phones don't look alike because of speakers or finger print sensors, they look alike due to the all metal body, antenna bands, and long slender shape all which were first featured on the HTC One series far before the iPhone 6 ever came out…

  5. well, after all, its the same IMX214 camera found in Mi4, oneplus one, honor 6, nexus 6, moto G 2015 etc..
    And I still vote Mi4 as the best camera, and now even A9 couldn't beat it

  6. fast shutter speed does not generate blur. shallow depth of field from a low f stop usually f2 or below is what gives nice background blur. Other than that awesome review!!

  7. the light still gets blown out during video. same as my m7. sucks for concerts with cool stage lighting. the main reason I was hoping the a9 was better. no new phone for me. I want iPhone just for video rendition.

  8. It really does look like the 6/6s right? FIne for me though. I always thought these phones would be more appealing with Android anyway. Hope you guys keep this current format of making different videos about different aspects of one particular phone. That's nice. I can get to what I'm interested in without having to browse through an entire 30 minute video. First world problem really, but more convient is always better.

  9. Does the phone heat up post excessive usage like long videos and decent usage of camera for taking pics…. and also in general? I faced this issue in other HTC phones. Even 15 mins of continuous browsing would heat it up a bit.

  10. fast shutter speeds don't create more background blur (bokeh). fast lenses do, which actually refers to aperture, not shutter speed. A lower f/ number means a larger aperture, which does allow faster shutter speed, but the shutter speed does not affect the blur. Sensor size, focal length, and aperture are the variables that do, bumping the iso would have no effect.

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