HTC One A9 – Be Brilliant (Full Length Commercial)

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Be Different. Be Loud. Be Inspired. Be Free. Be Brilliant.

27 Comments on HTC One A9 – Be Brilliant (Full Length Commercial)

  1. I like the video and the phone as well. Great scene with the guy who kicks the apples out of the table by the way 😀 I see what you did there HTC and it's indeed a bold act which I kinda like though :)

  2. I think it's interesting that soon after HTC made a commercials about its uniqueness, turned around and made a phone that's a splitting image of Galaxy S6!
    well, I had a good run with HTC (G1, G2, M7, and M9), but I think its time to swith.
    Maybe Huawei or LG

  3. This is the bullshit a woman got stunt credit for despite having the bare fucking minimum to get any sort of stunt work in the industry, especially compared to the what the guys have to bring to the table just to start out in the business?

    HTC sucks in that they don't do all that well in supporting their devices with decent software fixes when bugs arise and still insisting on shoddy cameras on phones meant for this day and age. No wonder they hire half assed bullshit female "stunt" players.

  4. Honestly I thought the commercial was really cheesy and they pretty much just copied apple's style of commercial and phone. Yeah it may be cool to some people, but in a sense it's not that effective. There for I'll just by a different brand of phone. Great symbolism though with the apple thing.

  5. The internal design is all wrong. They could've incorporated a 2500 mah battery if they went with the internal design of other sub 7mm phones. I'm not sure why they didn't, but the battery life is the a9s biggest weakness… Its just not that good. I love the phone, but a stacked internal design similar to the huawei p8 would have allowed for larger power cell.

  6. HTC have all the rights to copy apple.
    Apple iPhone 6 copied the back of the on M7.
    No one noticed.
    HTC copied the front of apple and now everyone is going crazy. Apple copied HTC first.

  7. I swear this commercial makes no fucking sense, he runs in, kicks shit, and that dumbass girl gives him a dumbass look… It makes much less sense on the shortened TV version.

  8. When htc desire 820S receives lolipop update for all the region. I know only the Taiwan region gets the update so if pls can u release out the lolipop update. Iv been waiting waiting more than 8 months for the up date and also they said lolipop should be realesed for htc desire 820S in T3 and T4 but it hasn't pls give out the update its really frustrating. Thank you for reading this HTC

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