HTC One A9 battery and benchmark review

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We reviewed the camera of the HTC One A9 yesterday, now it’s time to review the battery as well as performance and benchmarking results. With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor under the hood, the HTC One A9 was never going to be the most powerful of smartphones. With 2150mAh of battery inside, neither was it going to last the longest. That said, it left us with a positive impression on both accounts.

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  1. I want to change my HTC One M8 so I need your advice I've been looking up for HTC One a9 (16gb), the Huawei g9 lite(or p9) or the Samsung Galaxy a5 … I found 3 of them for $300 I'm the kind of user that does a lot of messaging, social networking, sees videos (Wi-Fi), listen a lot of music and cares about design, in terms of camera I'm not too strict, please help me out!!!!

  2. The reason 617 performs so good in most tasks (besides gpu) is that the 617 is the latest of Qualcomm designs, whereas the 808 and 810 is stock ARM designs with no qualcomm improvements. 617 is newer and more modern and, thereforce, more optimized.
    820 is the next cpu that will be inhouse design from QC, but that will be a while before it hits.

    Whats good with 617 also is the support for better LTE and WIFI speeds compared to 615 and 800-801 models.

  3. Can we expect a video about the using the SD card as internal storage and what's possible and what's not? And please show us how does it look when viewing the file system through file manager apps.

  4. this is the first review where i get so much confused of Basil, now is it not having enough power or are games not optimized for it? i saw some videos where this phone plays dead trigger smoothly, who do we believe

  5. hey basil

    I'm not entirely sure if I like this format , I just think it lacks cohesiveness

    also the 617 is the latest processor out of "samsung*"

    this was good for benchmarks but I feel that real world use is better and had it not been for the battery life in the title I would not have watched this video

    just some feedback 🙂

    have a good day

  6. Great video, love the htc A9. I think the best of iphone is its design but I just cant live with its software, so an Android phone with that design is kind of a wish come true. also love your Capsule Corp. tatoo…:p Best regards.

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