HTC One A9: An Android for iPhone lovers?

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Does this Android look like an iPhone, or do IPHONES LOOK LIKE THIS ANDROID!? The HTC One A9 is a solid iteration on the One line, sadly without a real killer feature.

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24 Comments on HTC One A9: An Android for iPhone lovers?

  1. Meh if I had to pick an android phone I would get an HTC I mean LG phones or or too big Samsung's are ridiculous The newest Google phones are considerable but the HTC's are gorgeous and innovative i'm an iPhone lover but if I had to pick an android it would be HTC

  2. galaxy s6 > every phone (besides the s7, but that needs a few months before anyone can call it great)
    galaxy s6 got an 8 core 14 nm proccesor at 1.56 ghz per core
    iphone 6 has a 2 core 20 nm proccesor at 1.4 ghz per core, 1.5 for the plus

  3. I'm pretty sure the first iPhone had aluminum body with an antenna piece on the bottom.. So.. Don't know where HTC got this "We had the first aluminum phone" nonsense came from.

  4. I honestly can't comprehend the phone hype. Still rockin a samsung slide design with keyboard(20$). I mean all they've done now is make going online a better experience and improve the camera for fucking hundreds of dollars. I can understand the use of one , but how are there so many coming out so fast when they don't REALLY bring anything new, so who the fuck is buying them enough for all these companies to make a profit and justify making a new one if not more every year or less.

  5. naaaah I don't care!!
    I have my S4 active working great with all what I need and if I want to upgrade it will be to S6 active!!
    I love this phone but they are not sending them to lebanon whyyyyyy!!

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