HTC One A9 32GB – Unboxing, Setup & First Look (4K)

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HTC One A9 – Unboxing, Setup & First Look (4K). Hey Guys I’m back with another video for all tech fans out there. I make daily tech videos to provide you as much tech content as possible.

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23 Comments on HTC One A9 32GB – Unboxing, Setup & First Look (4K)

  1. I need a new phone and I dont know what to get…. Im not a hardcore
    user, i use the normal popular apps, i dont play games really, I do
    hear to a lot of music… I dont know what I think about paying top of
    the dollar for the latest one…what's your opinion? Im thinking about the One A9

  2. In the welcome screen you can choose the language in first button.Or you can see the A symbol in list of settings option and after choose it, you can change language in the first option line. Try it and I think it may be helpful for you :))

  3. Apple copied HTC design of the the HTC One M7. the m7 was the first aluminum smartphone. last month HTC we turn itself to possibility which has a lot to do with this phone. I would say the only ones that might be pissed off by his design all Apple fanboys.

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