HTC Incredible Leaked

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HTC Incredible Specs have been revealed.

HTC Incredible Pictures Leaked

Opera Mini on Android

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Dell Mini 5 Is Now The “Streak”

Android Running on the HTC Touch Pro 2

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Synaptics Demos Fuse Concept Phone Prototype

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Street Fighter IV on the iPhone

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Unreal Engine 3 Running in Web OS

Unreal Engine 3 on the iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch 3rd Gen

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Kings of Leon…

24 Comments on HTC Incredible Leaked

  1. hi I live in the uk and I have had this Dell Streak for a month now and would like to know what file format is easiest and best for watching videos on the streak and also why does the blue tooth not work with other phones except devices such as printers and headsets? Please help me thanks….. ps I love it and its worth the size cant wait for the 2.0 android update.

  2. @m4binogiman Ye i haven't got it personally but the description of the app even says its just to show how rich you are. So i guess its like an exclusive club app pretty much.

  3. @guppy818 … so basically super-expensive skype?
    And why would anyone want to pay around $600 for an app?
    Especially when skype does the same thing for free, minus the on-screen diamond.

  4. i need to see more moving wallpapers ! well when i get mine i will show every aspect from how i customize to what apps i love … HTC RULES, ANDROID SCHOOLS , LEARN SOMETHING APPLE FANS

  5. i like how you barely cover whats in your topic, so annoying, i clicked this and expected to see things about the incredible and got what felt worse than getting rick rolled.

  6. I prefer flied lice anyway…any ideas on when/where I will be able to get an Android phone for AT&T 3G? I broke my Nexus One screen 15 days into ownership last week and am not psyched about getting another one and am somewhat less interested in an iPhone. Why AT&T? No contract + years on network + state employee discount = unlimited everything for supercheap x most excellent biz customer service.

    Nice vid!

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