HTC Droid DNA – 11 Tips & Tricks!

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Sure, there might be a lot of competition on the way, but right now the HTC Droid DNA is one of the hottest phones on the market. For all you Droid DNA users, we figured we would show you 11 of our favorite tips and tricks. Show us your own tips in the comments!
-HTC DROID DNA 4G Android Phone (Verizon Wireless):

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49 Comments on HTC Droid DNA – 11 Tips & Tricks!

  1. Hey man, quick question.. I somehow hid my camera app and now I do not know how to access it, any idea of how I can get it back? It's still on the phone, Just cant find it anywhere except for the manage apps screen..

  2. Go to XDA website. They now have two different ways to root. Also if you are on Google+ join the DNA community. A video on there will show you what you need to know about rooting the DNA.

  3. Wouk, is the DNA your personal device? i've seen it in of AA videos. if so, how's the battery life? i have a Rezound with a stock 2750 mah battery. i usually leave LTE on all day and it lasts until sleep (roughly 16 hours/day). i'm looking to get at least this on a DNA if i decide to buy it. i like the Verizon Droid line, but i like the One also. and the s4. should i wait?

    thanks for all the videos.

  4. #1 tip. Root your phone. Get rid of bloatware, get better battery life with a better kernel, get even more battery saving options, just an over all better phone experience.

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