HTC Desire EYE versus Apple iPhone 6 Plus: first look

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PhoneArena presents a first look video between the HTC Desire EYE and Apple iPhone 6 Plus.
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27 Comments on HTC Desire EYE versus Apple iPhone 6 Plus: first look

  1. I find this a very terrible comparison. especially the speediness. Of course the iPhone 6 Plus is faster, Apple hardware running Apple software. Versus Qualcomm (not even HTC) hardware running Google software. Apple's processor is designed to run IOS, the Snapdragon 801 is designed to suit any OS. And A8 being 64 bit doesn't make it any faster. Very biased comparison. SHAME ON YOU PHONEAREA! P.S. I'm an Android fan. 

  2. I keep hearing people say 'iPhone premium this', 'iPhone premium that'. What makes metal (aluminium in this case) premium as compared to plastic? Supercars are made from plastic these days but that doesn't make them cheap. Premium is in design not necessarily 'aluminium'. And by the way, aluminium is a cheap metal.

    HTC did a very great job in their design of the Desire eye and I can say apple borrowed the curved display that makes the icons feel close to the glass from HTC, cos HTC had that in their One X which was a really nice design of a phone (and this was years ago). I can say that cos I bought that phone and used it. Apple saw that, probably silently copied it and put it out there like they came up with that idea.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Apple products (but am not a 'fanboy'), I have the iPhones 4, 4s, 5, and 6 but Apple is not the only company that makes tip-top phones (and most folks in America do not realise Apple is late in most of their technologies. Most things they put out today have already been done and known outside America). Plus I do not buy devices for their names, I buy what is a cool design, hence I would not praise one manufacturer for a device that I know could be better and does not meet up with some other devices from a smaller named manufacturer.

    Most people… esp. the Apple fanboys, do not even get close to, or use these other phones to see that they are of great build and design, yet they do not hesitate to bad-mouth them just because the name 'Apple' is not prefixed to them.

  3. I dont understand why people are still subscribed to this channel. I have watched a couple of this ifan-boy claiming to be a reviewer, and he cant help but display his fanboyism. I am not a tech reviewer but I can make a better, impartial and more objective review than this dumb reviewer. Any tech enthusiast will find this ifan-boy annoying…

  4. horrible comparison!..BTW sit your apple loyalties down and carry out a fair and square review without partiality, and if you dont have a working model wait till you get one before ranting about whatnot .. 

  5. There's nothing premium about Apple's aluminum. It's the cheapest aluminum they could buy. Basically on level with recycled soda cans. Nothing like high-end aluminum you see in airplanes or dritbike parts.

    There's actually many plastic mixtures that is much stronger and more solid. I would take HTC plastic unibody design every time.. my one x+ was fantastic in design and build quality. Desire eye looks solid compared with iPhone 6 plus. 

  6. Horrible comparison.. Sit with your iPhone at home.. Why even bother looking at that marvel that HTC has made.. By the looks of it , iPhone looks so cheap compared to even this mid range HTC.. those bands just look horrible.. Premium doesn't mean just materials, but also execution n design n iPhone 6 series fails big time in that.. 

  7. I love all these phone reviews on YouTube, all apple fan boys and you can tell just by the review rating, when ever I see its half and half I already know its gonna be some guy pretending to do a review but comparing it to the iPhone and showing his apple fanboyism in the process, its like they don't get that most of the people who watch their vids are android users that don't want to hear about apple anymore.

  8. why not just make a single 10 minute video with all these phones instead of spamming sub boxes? I mean look at all those dislikes, you guys must learn from before seriously

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