HTC Desire 826 Dual Sim Complete Review (Bug,Benchmark,Specs,Dimensions,Gaming Perf…)

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A complete review of HTC Desire 826 Dual Sim
In Review:-
Bugs and Glitches
Antutu Benchmark
Gaming Performance
Apps I used in the video:-
Antutu Benchmark:-
Asphalt 8:-
Fifa 14:-

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23 Comments on HTC Desire 826 Dual Sim Complete Review (Bug,Benchmark,Specs,Dimensions,Gaming Perf…)

  1. I ordered mines from a Asian country and I had to get it turned on with a gsm network so i got simple mobile which is a sub division of t mobile. But I don't see a lte option for network. But my mobile sign is H for hspa. Is this phone lte capable?

  2. I purchase a HTC Desire 826 on 20th May 2015 for Rs 24990 and insurance of Rs 1800/- and tampered glass of Rs 400/- and my IMEI 357290060132293.
    My mobile phone is showing the problem from the 8th or 9th day of paurchase like hang (normal problem ), over heating 
    ( to that extent that you cant attend calls without earphones),
    and the last but not least is touch not working ( which is really a very serious problem ).
    A brand like Htc offering us such products that are really useless.This is my 2nd device
    with Htc as i am an old customer and they cant treat old customer in good manner then how a new customer can expect that they will get the good service from Htc

    Problems in services:

    I transfer my device for replacment to service centre on 18/06/2015 and they assured me that they will replace my device. but when i reached to service center 
    exactly after 8 days they give me back my device after repairing that and
     that device is so much dirty and they keep that device in that manner that i cant even explain.
    my device was looking like that i have purchased this mobile 1year ago. I just returned my device to Htc that i want my device replaced thats it.

    They again assured me on 27June 2015/- to transfer your Mobile bill on their email id and they will approved my device for replacement on 28June 2015. 

    I called them on 28June, 29June , 30June continously ( twice thrice four times in a day) but i get the rply from them for waiting for 24Hrs and on 30june 2015 i 
    get the rply that please wait for 48Hrs.

    and exactly after 48 hours i called them on 02 june 2015 i.e today . They told me that please visit service centre & your do has been approved and
     you can go and take your do letter and when i reached service centre they told me that no D.O approved and i called them back & i was on hold for 
    around  20Minutes and after that again i visit to service centre and this time my D.O has been approved but again they make me dissatisfy by not having my full box of 
    my mobile phone i.e now i again have for 2 days for my htc box and do letter.

    when i called to htc staff in starting it take  almost 10minutes to connect with their staff and after that they make us on hold for arnd 10min , 15min ETC… for
    every information i have to hold for half hour. i Just talk with htc staff to so much extent that I am felling like i am working in htc call centre.

    now my D.O approved and again me have the complusion to purchase this mobile again but in real this mobile really having a lots of problem and this make their repo 
    down. I just saw around 50mobiles which have same problem as mine touch problem and i think that this problem is because of over heating when we calling anybody its
    so much heating that mobile become wet because of Sweat near Ears. Please stop this mobile. 

    I really dont want HTC DESIRE 826 again.

    My oppportunity cost for this mobile is ———–> 25000( cost) +1800 ( insurance) + 400( tampered)+ 2000( 4 days salary from office as i have to take off from
    office to visit service center)+ my amount which i can earn return if i invest that money at some other place. total oppourtinity cost of that mob for me is around 

    35000/- and still i dont have my mobile phone with me. 
    I called and talked with them in total so many times that i dont even talk so much with my girlfriend i.e 50times.
    I was on hold for more than 9 to 10 Hrs in total. The Htc service centre always assuring me for 24hrs and the main thing they have told sorry.

    The other drwaback of htc service is that you cant submit combination of any 2 device accessories at the same times. this means that if you have some problem in your 
    charger & headphones or headphone and device or anyother 2 device accesory you cant submit that accesory at the same times. this means your process for changing those 
    two accesory will be

    firstly go service centre & submit headphones and wait for 3 or 4 days and then after some days when you get back your headphone again visit service centre and then

    deposit your charger (its their policy).

    its means if there is some problem in your charger headphone and handset then you have to wait for around 1 month to get your device properly ready to use.
    so i want to suggest you people dont purchase Htc .
    i am not suggesting you to purchase htc desire 826 or not just dont go with Htc . I cant tell you people that how much i become frustrated when my family 
    members ask me that where is your mobile of Rs 25000/- & when i listen from my friends that kaha gaya tera htc 826 bola tha mat purchase kar htc.

    and before this mobile i suggest all the people to purchase htc but now i am suggesting you all that:


                                                               BUY ANYMOBILE IN THIS WORLD DONT GO WITH HTC

  3. Nice Video !! BTW i wanted to know if you have faced any sort of problems with this device like touch failure , because many users have already faced problems withing 20-25 days of use and i think you have used it for a month now ?

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