HTC Desire 820 Review!

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HTC debuts one of the first devices in the world to receive a 64 bit SoC from Qualcomm. Check out our full review of the HTC Desire 820!

Written review with high res pics here!

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32 Comments on HTC Desire 820 Review!

  1. my HTC Desire 820 phone planted by going on Facebook page
    and then I pressed the volume down button + power my device turn off,
    but the problem does not want to START, I can not even enter the bootloader.
    the only thing I can see is when I connect my HTC Desire 820 phone with pc. LED lit red sign or another. is detected. a device called QHSUSB_BULK
    when I plug in my charger HTC Desire phone 820 LED lit red or other sign
    I tried everything to remove the baterai …. which is long press on power or power + volume down / up, or all at the same time more or less time to sort more than two minutes without results.

    I ask your help to solve my problem.

    Thank you in advance for your response to users!


  2. Well, I have bought a htc desire 820g plus 5 weeks ago, & used it very roughly in this 1 month period. The main frustrating thing tht I noticed is the FRONT CAMERA. Trust me, it sucks. It do has 8 MP resolution, bt quality is vry poor, specially in low light. I mean, u can't xpect a 8 MP based camera to shaken a lot & captured some blurred picture. & the second awful thing is, the battery overheats vry quickly. Whenever its multitasking or heavy intensive works, overheating has disappointed me every time. Aside that fact, other feature is pretty much good…

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