HTC Desire 626s vs iPhone 5S!

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HTC Desire 626s vs Apple iPhone 5S! Hello there, and welcome to this head to head battle between the HTC Desire 626s vs iPhone 5S. This is a rather unique comparison as many have not done this one, but who cares, the point of this video is to help you out if your deciding whether or not to pick up the HTC Desire 626s or just go for that used iPhone 5S or new iPhone 5S 🙂

In this video, we will take the HTC Desire 626s vs iPhone 5S and we will compare them in a boot up test. Following that we will take a look at how they stack up to each other in terms of app opening speeds and multitasking 🙂 This video is intentionally created to help you make a decision between these two if your in the market for either.

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26 Comments on HTC Desire 626s vs iPhone 5S!

  1. God yall cheap ass bitches saying " oh this isnt fair the htc was downloading something!" Lmao, get over it. Iphone will always be faster and superior to Android.

    Watching this in my sleek, beautiful space grey iPhone 6?

  2. Great vid, these comparisons are great to watch. I'm currently in a country where if you lose your phone you have to pay a good chunk if you want a new one in my case my iPhone or even getting a used one. The HTC might be my best bet like you mentioned "for now" . Thanks for a good video.

  3. without having the same processor of course it will be a not even close results iphones are designed to constantly multitask with tht A7 processor vs a quad cor a dual core smh a snapdragon processor isnt a big threat to the a7

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