HTC Desire 626s Pro’s and Con’s (Boost Mobile)

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HTC Desire 626s Pro’s and Con’s

7 Comments on HTC Desire 626s Pro’s and Con’s (Boost Mobile)

  1. I have this same phone from Metro Pcs, as far as the camera goes, it's okay but during video recording especially at night, it's completely dark. Couldn't see anything recording at night.

  2. What would you recommend, this or the Kyocera Hydro Air ? I don't use too many apps (maybe 6-7 low MB ones for my child. I do care about picture / video quality. Thank you & I love your videos, very informative.

  3. I really enjoyed watching your review on the HTC desire626s you made alot of good strong points and gave good clear information.good job I definitely subscribe to you looking forward to more future videos.

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