HTC Desire 626 Unboxing & Review Metro pcs / T-mobile 626s

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HTC Desire 626 Unboxing & Review Metro pcs / T-mobile 626s
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27 Comments on HTC Desire 626 Unboxing & Review Metro pcs / T-mobile 626s

  1. this phone sucks i have it amd.all of a sudden the screen turn black i took it to the metro store and i got it a week ago i still could change it and they told me that it was bent so they couldnt change it when it really wasnt bent. its a crappy. phone

  2. i am buying one soon htc phones are good i have a BLU energy x i am having connecting to t mobile 4G network and the wifi isn't so good I since the thing that I most use is the internet well its huge con for me

  3. just got mine and it's cut off three times I'm getting pissed but I really like it other than that and I refuse to get another LG they all suck and have no memory at least those cheaper ones from boost and metro

  4. I found a deal on the 626 s when it came out originally 2 months old and I paid 79 bucks for it that day no rebate just a couple coupon codes and friends that work at the store but I'm with boost mobile this is absolutely the greatest DL features and best of you with a 2-megapixel Fri and 8 rear camera 7:20 and up HD megapixel I read a post underneath that Wolf wondering what happens if you remove the battery first your void the warranties because the stickers are on top of the battery warning you not to you don't remove the battery from this phone it's an internal battery cell they call it a fixed Cell I think when you speak with the manufacturer but is an internal battery that never is to be removed I had an issue where I wanted to restart the phone and before I learn how to do a soft reset or a hard reset which I can give directions to anybody who needs them I went ahead and tried to take out the battery and broken away from the phone casing and the three wires were the positive and negative and temperature control connectors usually are when you put a battery in any phone with removable battery and brass terminals they don't have that the internal battery has 3 wires obviously have power and ground and your temperature in the center and they run from the battery straight into the body of the phone and motherboard so I never completely took the battery out but I pulled it up enough to expose those three wires so I stretched the connection from those three wires on either the battery or the phone internally one of the sides of the connections now I cannot keep my phone on it will not charge any chances are it's going to have to get a repair that I'm not going to be able to do myself I read in a post that Metro people and nowadays it's going for 7580 bucks which is great because when it first came out when I have the phone it was $189 even though I paid 79 still I only had the phone two and a half months when I damaged the internal battery or the wiring to the battery whatever I did.. so without warning aside and story told stay the hell off of the battery if your freezer is on you do a soft reset you can hold the power and the volume down button at the same time for 10 seconds and the soft reset for you release the freeze if that doesn't work you can do a hard reset by calling HTC or maybe even your provider. I just hopefully can help somebody not make the mistake I made this phone operates the same as all of the top line super smart phones like the iPhone 6 the desire eye or the HTC one or Samsung galaxy series Top Models all the 3-6 hundred dollar power players for under 200 well now for under a 100! you're keeping right up with the big boys with the HTC Desire 626s it released at basically top of the curb but considered budget smartphone category boasting almost all the features you get from the super smart phone category! so if you're thinking about buying one you're going in the right direction is a great phone very fast never fail it comes at 8gb I think + 1.5 gigabyte RAM memory but with microSDHC compatibility you can add 200 GB more! not to mention the 5 inch display everybody loves the battery that's because it's a 2000 mAh that's impressive power and you're also getting a quad core processor all of that for under 200 which is apparently now under 90 bucks so if you're still reading this lol you should be at 100% sold go get you one they're hard to find in stock you already have one you know the value it also feels great in your hand not like the other low grade phones on the market save yourself a few hundred bucks guys 626 s is the shiznit! I wish somebody out there New away that I could fix this battery problem without sending my phone in but of course I don't think anybody is made a dumb mistake as I have with it yet… Stay away from the battery guys enjoy your phone

  5. I need help. I have this phone and it is now saying after working fine for a month, generic network failure when I try to send picture messages. I haven't found a review yet that can help me with issue for this phone on Metro PCS Network

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