HTC Desire 626 Review

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A decent entry-level smartphone that goes up against tough competition.

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45 Comments on HTC Desire 626 Review

  1. anybody know if you have to pay for the activation if you get this phone at a store ??? plz answer … i really want this phone so bad and its on sale at target

  2. GREAT NEWS PEOPLE! Few days ago (check the date on my comment), HTC had just released the marshmallow update on this phone! It's starting in Sprint, but will spread quickly to other carriers! ???

  3. i think you are reviewing the Desire 626s and not the Desire 626 because the 626 is powered by a Snapdragon 410 and 2 gigs of RAM or is a diffrence between the Versions in different Countries

  4. i just order my HTC today this will be my everyday phone i don't take Picts all like that i don't need to play games i have a laptop and a iPad and my boyfriend got a ps3 i hate my lg stylo i can not wait to get rid of this phone i will never get another lg phone ever again HTC is the phone for me no matter what other ppl say i don't post YouTube videos or anything like that so I'm good ???? ? HTC is the phone 4 ME¤?

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