HTC Desire 610 vs. iPhone 4S – Review (4K)

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Desire 610 vs. Apple iPhone 4S – First Look

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36 Comments on HTC Desire 610 vs. iPhone 4S – Review (4K)

  1. this guy is sooo wrong in terms of overall power and Cpu performance the HTC wins every day, most of your facts are wrong so plz go back and fix, and yes it has slightly lower resolution it has a larger display and that's why I took a iPhone 6s instead of these, losers for getting shit phones like this grow up get a job gg

  2. Reading comments and see people how they fighting wtf fanboys if you cant afford phone stop fight same "i have nokia 3310 its better than iphone 6 everyone who say it's shit fuck you" i use iphone 4s and samsung galaxy ace 4 for different sim cards i enjoy them both

  3. to be completely honest, these phones are about the same. what one phone lacks, the other makes up somewhere else so they become equal. im using the HTC as of now and i have the iphone 4 as a back-up phone and i have no trouble using it. the OS is still fresh and smooth and the phone itself is very nice. i would go with the HTC just because it has more RAM and a better processor so it's snappier.

  4. Ok so ur reviewing a mid range and comparing it to a FLAGSHIP device?? Hmmm been seeing that alot lately.. y not do FLAGSHIP VS FLAGSHIP and MID RANGE VS MID RANGE! Huh!?! Worth asking

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