HTC Desire 501 Hands on Review, Specs, Features, Camera, India Price and Overview HD Exclusive

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22 Comments on HTC Desire 501 Hands on Review, Specs, Features, Camera, India Price and Overview HD Exclusive

  1. Does HTC desire 501 have the facility to create a message save folder (other than secure message folder) and save messages in it?  This feature was available in my earlier Nokia C2-01

  2. it has st-ericcson-nova thor 1.15 ghz dual core and mali 400 gpu,although adreno 305 found in lumia 525,moto g and xperia m is better,the two best things are screen and camera quality,infact best camera performance in its range,but a bit old htc sense ui and android 4.1.1,and there is no chance of it getting kitkat,overall a good device but a bit overpriced ,should be 14k-14.5k,if camera is not the priority i would suggest you to get xperia m or moto ,better cpu and gpu,but xperia m is having only 2.5gb user available storage with no option of apps to sd and no cloud storage too,every phone has some cons so based on your priority you must decide,but the device currently in this range is moto g ,not the worst camera but its average,i am telling you from my personal experience. 

  3. Hi,

    can you let me know how to move apps to SD card in this phone, I called HTC and they said we can't move apps to SD card as well as you can't install aps on SD card. Based on your review I bought the phone can you please let me know how to do that. I feeling diappoiinted as the app can't move to SD card the mem % GB is not enough.

  4. sir, is htc 501 is dual active?…or it is just like Samsung smart active function?..can we receive calls from other sim when we are in one sim?…is it was a direct function or it depends on our network operator? sir pls reply…..

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