HTC 10 vs Xiaomi Mi5 – Speed Test Comparison Review! (Curiosity Test)

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Another Speed Test for the HTC 10, this time its going up against the Xiaomi Mi5. So lets find out if the HTC 10 will have its first speed test win. Enjoy!

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36 Comments on HTC 10 vs Xiaomi Mi5 – Speed Test Comparison Review! (Curiosity Test)

  1. First of all, the way that these test are done isn't exactly the best measure of speed. This is due to the fact that it all depends on whether or not the reviewer can tap both icons at the exact same time. Second, the differences in the time it takes for the phones to load apps and or web pages is so little that it shouldn't even matter. Be real guys, the difference is like a millisecond. There were times when it looked to me as if he gave the point to the Xiaomi Mi5 when it looked as if it were a dead tie. And last, the HTC 10 has more pixel density to deal with, so of course it's going to take a little longer to load games than the 1080p screen found on the Mi5. If you guys are really interested in specs, you should get the 10. More up to date version of Marshmallow, More Ram, and better screen resolution.

  2. HTC10 is 1440p
    mi5 is 1080p
    obviously with same processor
    HTC 10 will be slower in loading games than mi5
    but think about resolution
    1440p quality is much better than 1080p
    HTC 10 will graphics will have more detailed graphics than mi5 for sure
    what u think bro ?

  3. It's just sad. Theoretically the strongest smartphone of 2016 got his ass kicked by every other flagship released this year. And, what's even funnier, theoretically the weakest flagship of 2016 (with the worst GPU, tbh) has won almost every speed test comparison. I'm talking about P9, ofc. Huawei lost only to Samsung.
    I've made my mind. Concidering the price, build quality, frontfacing and main cameras quality and these speed test, in my opinion Huawei P9 is the best smartphone of the year! 100% must have!

  4. can you compare the speed of Samsung a2016 series with the other flagship?they are I think they are monsters in starting apps,I saw even the a7 can win mi5 in starting speed

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