HTC 10 vs. The Best of Android

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29 Comments on HTC 10 vs. The Best of Android

  1. It's true, I really wanted LG G5 but then HTC 10 came along, it sways me. What I like about HTC is HTC Sense. But, LG G5 is so innovative with its modular thingy and the camera is just wow. I'm using LG G2 now for 3 years with no problem, so I know the quality of LG phone is probably better than HTC (I've used HTC Desire HD before LG) , once the battery of the phone got the problem after 1.5 years, then you will have to buy a new phone. But. I don't know, HTC 10 looks so good, the built in DAC, the OIS in the front camera, the fluidity of the OS, and yes, HTC Sense! Can anyone help me to decide? Optus sell LG G5 and HTC 10. It's a matter of timing I could go to Optus to buy the phone (Optus Australia).

  2. I got a HTC 10 and this phone got a better build quality than samsung. Just look at the bottom, every single grill on the 10 is beautifully chamfered and the S7 just suddenly looks cheap by comparison. You guys should check out the pocketnow's 10 vs 7 video.

  3. Get an Apple iPhone 6S or Samsung Galazy S7 if you don't want to go wrong with your money. For normal people, both devices will satisfy everything you want especially the fame. Currently own a 6 plus, the bigger screen, battery and OIS are the simple reasons. However, it is quite subjective for people to fork out an extra $100 for the three things above, so does it to S7 edge. If you are curious, i  previously owned 3 Galaxy S (2-3-4)and 1 One Max. Have a good day!

  4. i'm just waiting for sony x performance,and xperia x
    this snapdragon 820 and 4gb ram is not usefull at all
    i mean what do you want to do with a phone? play witcher III in 60 frame? of course no
    and qhd display is hust waste a money and waste a batterylife for only 60ppi more than hd
    of course sony x performance has the largest front facing sensor with 13 mp this is awesome

  5. most revolutionary LG G5, most improved HTC 10, best phone no one will have P9, best phone S7 Edge. All of these phones are great and this really this is the golden age of Android devices but for me the one device that made me unload $795 without hesitation and give up my Nexus 6P was the S7 Edge because of the screen, ergonomics, speed, features, camera, battery, and overall look. TouchWiz isn't everyone's favorite but it's very mild compared to previous years. In the end HTC always let me down with some software bug, inferior camera, and terrible battery life. LG even with their all metal build (joke) feels cheap and the modules have no use for me and the phone feels and looks big.

  6. And the crown goes to the s7 and S7 edge, whoopdidoo, it has DAC, S7 has fast wireless charging, Android or Samsung pay, Better screen, better camera, better design, water resistant, and premium build, HTC playing catch up next year Samsung won't be touched because they will be making screens that fold somehow, not to mention the note 6 is coming and going to make the HTC look dooky. Maybe in another 2 years HTC.

  7. You said HTC copied some features from LG? Are you kidding me? Did you even know who were the pioneers before? The company which manufactures refrigetrators and ovens n other consumer durable items cannot beat a master of phones' era. And when it comes to built quality or just "quality" you can easily pick the HTC up..

  8. Sigh, Android Authority… Calling everything new that comes out the best ever and giving it their 'prestigious' Editor's Choice Award, lol

  9. The HTC seems like a quality high end device and could save HTC from the "Scrap Heap" of failed cellular phone companies. A better camera, boom sound and Quad HD are all good improvements. Looks like a solid, high quality device.

    The LG G5 is a "Hunk of Junk". This phone was advertised as "All Metal" and that is a flat out lie. The body is plastic and it has been painted or coated with a "metal like" finish. The build quality is not flagship worthy at all. It feels "Cheap" in the hand. The "Magic Slot" seems to be a gimmick of dubious value. No one seems to be able to tell what the B&O sound module is for and it seems that LG has pulled it from the U.S. market.

    Questions regarding the specs of these phones: Samsung advertises their 4GB of RAM as DDR4 RAM, which they say is 80% faster than the DDR3 used in competitor phones. Does this make a difference is performance in real life?

    What effect does the Vulkan AGI have during gaming n the S7 compared to the same games on other flagships still using OpenGL? What does the dedicated Game Launcher actually do?

    Samsung also says their version of the Qualcomm 820 is liquid cooled. Are the other makers using liquid cooling too?

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