HTC 10 vs Sony Xperia Z5, Z5 Premium and Z5 Compact

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It’s HTC 10 vs the entire Z5 family! Yup that’s hands-on comparison time with the Sony Xperia Z5, Z5 Premium and Z5 Compact. HTC’s finest places a heavy focus on sound with Hi-Res audio support, stereo speakers and best-in-class audio recording in video, whether you’re snapping up Full HD or 4K footage. Meanwhile the Z5 family all bring something different to the party – whether it’s the Z5 Premium’s 4K screen, the Z5’s frosted glass back or the Z5 compact’s fun colours and hardy plastic back. Which is the winner for you?

19 Comments on HTC 10 vs Sony Xperia Z5, Z5 Premium and Z5 Compact

  1. Kindly compare the following items between the Xperia Z5 and HTC 10
    1) Screen visibility in direct sunlight
    2) Picture & video quality i.e. low light and direct sunlight, quickest shooter/auto focus etc
    3) Which of the two has the loudest speakers
    4) Best battery life
    5) Form factor comfort, e.g. feel in one hand, weight etc
    6) Build quality
    7) GUI performance
    8) Which of the two has the best call quality
    9) Which of the two is the fastest(e.g. loading games, booting the phone etc)
    10) Bootloader unlocking, is it easy to do for both phones
    11) Likely to get official Cyanogenmod support
    12) How are notifications displayed when the screen is asleep e.g. does the screen wake up like the iPhone 6s does,
    or just a notification light goes off

  2. I don't think that dxomark's ratings are wrong. If you go through the article, they will point out the specifics of why they thought whatever they thought. And I would say I agree to them. Z5's camera is definitely a good one.

  3. Sony still has the best design, the Z5 is just beautiful. If only could keep up spec wise, it definitely could need a SD820 and a really good camera.

  4. Hey btekt

    reliable content

    I'll wait until the full review for my full judgement but at a glance the Sony Z5 screen looks better, (in my opinion) and stands out more

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