HTC 10 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 VS LG G5

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The team compares some of the best phones out right now: the HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5

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35 Comments on HTC 10 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 VS LG G5

  1. HTC 10 gives you a vibe of being a flagship the most. Samsung looks like a copy of apple, not to mention the back looks terrible with all the labeling, and although I am a big fan of LG due to their value for money approach and innovations, the G5 looks a bit plastic, not what I would look for if I go for such a premium lineup. You can always adjust the camera to your needs in pro mode, and from what I saw I don't think the camera of HTC 10 is that bad. Add the 24 bit DAC with amp and definitely the pick for me!

  2. You have many opinions many expert say everything about the phone specs out there. Just give me straight answer dont say about specs etc I have no idea more about phone. 'What Brand of Smartphone is better in OVERALL???' I need to buy phones.

  3. if the G5 had the battery capacity of the S7 edge I would have kept it over the S7 especially for the camera's which are an awesome duo. I was getting just a few mins over 4 hours of SOT on my G5 in the week I had it. I ended up taking it back to VZW for the S7 edge after reading so many reviews of the SOT and over all battery life. I'm now getting 5.5 -7 of SOT depending on what im using it for. I can go from 630am to 10:30pm and still be at about 25% give or take.

  4. Why is it that the add plays in HD quality perfectly, no stuttering or buffering whatsoever, and the video needs a few minutes to load a few seconds (no matter the quality)?

  5. I have a S7 and a G3 and even with the outdated G3 software, the camera on the G3 is better then the Galaxy. Ive played around with the G5's camera but I don't actually own one yet but the G5's camera blows them all out of the water. I really don't like the S7 camera at all and since buying the phone I don't really use the camera like I usually do

  6. Im getting HTC 10, previous phones in order; iPhone3G , HTC One AT&T, LG G Flex AT&T, SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 AT&T, SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 T-Mobile (unlocked and custom rom ) . Now going back to HTC for the HTC 10. Also buying it off of HTCs website for monthly financing. Also HTC another plus is for developers always unlocked boot loaders and always cyanogenmod for every htc device and other roms like viper roms. Since my carrier is AT&T and locking all bootloaders. Pretty much. Woot AT&T go f off. Also I also have Audio Technica ATH – M50X and cant wait for my htc 10 with 24 dac and viper 4 android audio mod. 🙂 +Android Authority

  7. I was thinking s7edge, but LG5 boom. I'm a constant stylus user so. Unless someone comes up with a great one even if it doesn't come with. I'll just wait and see what the note 6 has to offer. Oh, and et tu, Josh! That man-bun. ;(

  8. Coming from HTC M7 to the Samsung S7 is an adjustment. Both good and bad. And….. the Samsung has a cracked screen from a less than a foot drop from a chair. The sound and audio is my only problem and like I stated earlier it will take some time to get used go it.

  9. @Android Authority, I love your team's content and hard work making these videos. Slight suggestion though. Balance out the audio for your videos, especially in a video that has audio coming from different people with their own sound input settings. Resulting in a level listening experience.

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