HTC 10 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 – Official Specs Review!

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NEW HTC 10 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 Features & Specs – Which is Better?
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20 Comments on HTC 10 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 – Official Specs Review!

  1. I really hope the camera is decent, because the audio built into the HTC is supposed to be about the best available right now. Th G5 needs the B&O module to achieve what the HTC 10 has built in and the G7 is no where close to either. I listen to a lot of music and quality is important. I need a decent camera as well for quick family photo moments. I really wish it was waterproof for the kids too, but not really a deal breaker. I need it in my hands to make the decision though because these reviews are only good for general info.

  2. I hate when they steal from others.The HTC looks like an iphone 6 combined with One plus X and a Samsung home button. And 9mm thickness? c'mon it's 2016 (at least it had a bigger battery..)
    I would go with Samsung S7 anytime. Great phone, unique design, great Samsung quality.

  3. hey
    please answer my questions
    sorry if this comment is long but pls pls answer my questions

    firstly which camera sensor you have on your s7&s7 edge??
    sony or Samsung??
    if your both phone has different sensor then can you confirm that which is better??
    if I buy s7 edge from which sensor will I get??
    pls confirm

    and now
    I am very confused between 6p and s7 edge
    (I watched your comparison )

    1. which has better App opining speeds
    2. which has better ram management
    3. which has better fingerprint sensor
    4. which is far and smooth device?
    I need faster experience
    apps should open fast
    5. which is more value for money
    I don't have low budget but still
    6. which has better Slow motion video
    7. can we record in fast motion or time laps on 6p

    I know this is a big comment but I am very confused between both
    please answer this
    you have used both the device
    I just cant select which is better for me

  4. Hello I subscribe the moment you mentioned the htc one Max. My power user daily driver on Verizon since day of release in 2013. I can't make it slow down I can't make it lag I can't help but to see it I'm always turn it down it's too loud. I can't break it. the battery's 3300 milliamps fingerprint scanner like in 2016… Hell they could have just released it like Apple but drop a 820 and they're upgrading camera and call it a 10. Think I will wait for the Max 10 !

  5. It looks like the only things Samsung has over this is more water resistance, and wireless charging. HTC has all metal, no touchwiz (yes the lack of touchwiz should be considered a feature), BOOMSOUND, USB c, and did I mention all metal no ridiculous glass back… sign me up.

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