HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Flagship Phone Fight

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2016 is off to a terrific start. Samsung’s focus this year is on refining what we liked about the Galaxy S6. HTC is getting back to basics, recovering well from some of the company’s missteps last year. Which flagship phone is the right fit for you? Here’s our comparison between the HTC 10 and Galaxy S7!


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31 Comments on HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Flagship Phone Fight

  1. I really love both of those phones. I think they're really darn good phones that really showcase one of the very best of Android and you can't go wrong with either one of them based on your preference.

    Would you like more features, water resistance and more widely accepted mobile payments? Or do you prefer better audio and a cleaner software experience? The choice is yours and honestly, these 2 phones accomplish the basics really well. It's the smaller-but-also significant stuff that sets them apart, like the IP68 rating plus Samsung Pay on the S7, and the speakers plus headphone amp and cleaner Sense UI on the HTC 10 (it's also rated IP53, which is fine for splashes, but not really for dunking).

    If I had to pick, I'd say S7. Mainly because I haven't experienced a Samsung phone in a while and really wanna see how it's like since I left them in 2012 (had a chance to use the S7 edge and was impressed). Samsung Pay and wireless charging are also points of interest for me. But honestly, I would get both if I could. They're both so good as smartphones that I actually appreciate their less significant differences, so much so that I want to experience both of them.

    So, well done Samsung and HTC! It's already April 2016 and we have 2 superb devices that will satisfy any user depending on their preferences.

  2. Given the HTC 10's slower internal memory, the USB-C port won't really allow for faster data transfer speeds than the S7. But it's more than just the reversibility of the port. I think the biggest perk of USB-C is that it is significantly more durable than traditional Micro-B. Hopefully this means less broken charging cables in the years to come.

  3. HTC if you want your phone to not start having problems 6 months later. Galaxy phones are great visually but the way they run is complete trash. Both samsung phones ive owned all started having horrible issues after about 6 months. Trust me (or dont), get an HTC. They last forever.

  4. I bet HTC got rid of their versions of their apps in accordance with Google to make the next Nexi. Youb heard it first on internet where everything is true lol

  5. I bet HTC got rid of their versions of their apps in accordance with Google to make the next Nexi. Youb heard it first on internet where everything is true lol

  6. I bought the HTC 10 but would have bought an edge just for the cool screen but besides that what else can we ask for that all of these seem to provide. Battery power is a big one but camera…Please …if you want the truest professional shot buy a camera 🙂 All these new phones surf the web really well, answer calls and text like a champ and the only real difference is in battery power and durability. These seem to be that only real consideration besides esthetics so what can they possibly do for the future. My HTC 10 feels great in my hand, fits in my pocket really well and works flawlessly so far so I am happy. Oh and I am pretty active so the edge would not last with all that glass 🙂 I put my M8 on my car and drove off. When I found it an hour later it had been run over maybe a number of times and ya know what it was a little messed op but it still worked just fine.

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