HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Speed, Camera & Battery Test!

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New HTC 10 Comparison of Speed, Camera & Battery with S7 Edge!

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26 Comments on HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Speed, Camera & Battery Test!

  1. Fehler Nr 1: Helligkeit: HTC ca 90%, Samsung ca 50% = unfair 😉

    Fehler Nr 2: Viodeo Autofokus: Metall Handlauf hat so gut wie keine erkennbaren strukturen für einen Fokusvergleich !

  2. To be honest speed test vedios become silly in every vedio there is a phobe faster than other in 1 sec and people say it is a BEAST uhhhh faster in 1 sec doesnt means better….

  3. Great review thank you very much .I think it is missing on one point the build of the phone although the 7 edge seams much quicker I think there is an over sensitivity issue with the touch screen and it is really very lightly build, and as a mother of 3 kids won't last me long unfortunately. I loved the photo comparison while I loved the camera on HTC always it seams that Samsung has beaten them this time.

  4. In durability wise and audio, HTC is d best
    HTC uses LCD screen which is more stronger than d Samsung, but the Samsung is more appropriated bcuz of d amoled screen, which is for fashion but not really for day to day activities.

  5. I think it's funny reviewers conveniently forget there's another S7 …you know, the one that will probably sell more because it's cheaper. Also the regular S7 has the same size battery as the HTC 10. Also in these tests, you should specify if you're using the S7 with Snapdragon or the one with Exynos. Folks in the United States get the Snapdragon version so seeing tests with the Exynos version can be misleading, as Samsung did more work to optimize their software with it.

  6. HTC 10 all the year
    it's best overall device
    nicer build quality and much more durable
    better sound
    better software
    faster to get updates

    slightly behind in terms of back camera and display and battery life
    and they have the same performance which is amazing for HTC because the edge has 8 cores

    if u love the edge then it's absolutely good choice

    but HTC 10 is the phone that can goes for at least 2 years without thinking of upgrade

  7. also at the end in talking about "battery drain" it is a pointless comparison.

    the battery in the s7 edge is 600mah bigger so in effect taking the % from 100 isn't a fair argument. obviously a device with a larger battery is going to have more left that a device with a smaller battery after they have done the same tasks.

  8. you honestly telling me you would prefer to pay £100 more for a fraction of a second quicker at loading web pages and apps??? if you do you are in need of a mental health check. there isn't enough extra for a £100 increase in price.

  9. guys check the drop test of HTC 10 vs s7 on phonebuff, HTC 10 much more superior and survived all drop test and was still in perfect working condition whereas s7 failed every drop test and stopped working.

  10. You need to use the same browser on both phones otherwise it's not exactly fair, you can install Chrome on S7 edge as well. Of course using different browsers will have different loading speed. The fastest loading browsers these days are definitely not Chrome.

  11. My HTC 8x even when the LED was GREEN it wasn't fully 100 percent. I left it plugged in for another 30 minutes to an hour to get a Full 100 %, otherwise if I unplugged it would show 99 percent.

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