HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Speaker Test Comparison Review!

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Speaker test battle between the HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We shall see what’s the difference between them if the HTC 10 still lives up to its boom sound speakers.

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42 Comments on HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Speaker Test Comparison Review!

  1. Am I missing something, but I just got this phone and the sound or lack of is my only issue with this phone. If I can make it louder, please inform me on how! Thanks!

  2. Wow the s7 speakers are poor at that volume, no clarity or refinement, louder for sure, but not a selling point IMO. Easy win for HTC despite a downgrade on last year. I wish Samsung would care about stuff that matters and a good speaker is a value added feature.
    Nice review as any buyers can now make an informed decision and if audio is important then they know the s7 is just not up to it. I am an iPhone user but both phones have pros and cons and although the s7 has the better performance, the HTC has more stuff that matters to me, though currently to expensive to recommend. Cheers.

  3. Dude, I have a question, I recently looked at a review that compared the two phones is the Sony z5 and samsung s7 and it was revealed that the Samsung s7 camera is much better than Sony z5 cameras, but how can this be if sony camera with the highest resolution, not weakly high . and it turns out that Samsung is better due to the fact that he has the camera of 12 megapixels and Sonya 23 Sonya maximum photo resolution 5520s4140 while the Samsung 4032h3024, and as a result Sony loses in this (we are not talking about speed and other things only to stabilize ). Explain that in this occasion, it is possible for something I do not know maybe … Thank you in advance)

  4. Wish you can test with headset/earphones I tested both out with headset and HTC 10 way better. With just speakers S7 is louder they did say 10 is mono but has a sub (bottom speaker) sounds real good with earphones. HTC M8 HK > 10 > S7.. M8 better at both speakers and earphones.

  5. It's the best kind of comparison I've ever seen so far. Good job mate.
    S7 speaker hurts my ears.its too loud and sounds like trash.
    HTC is King in terms of design, audio quality ,android experience, performance and innovation. in terms of camera its so close to S7 but to be honest i prefer HTC camera because it feels more natural to me at least.

  6. HTC 10 of course when it comes to clarify and surround sound! a much fuller experience!/but! and that's a BIG BUT!!
    due to the coating over the SPEAKER! that makes the S7Edge Water Resistant! it just might be a different ball game?? Great VIDEO, eh! Peace.

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